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Are You Using the Right Bait When Marketing for IT That Attracts and Keeps Sales People?

San Deigo IT SupportWhether your business sells products, services, experiences or conducts marketing for IT, you likely understand just how important your sales staff is. Superstar salesmen are vital to the success of just about every business. Oftentimes, the skills and talents of a sales force are more important than the merit of the actual product/service being sold. This is precisely why it is so important to provide your sales stars with positive reinforcement.

Consider What Would Happen if You Lost Your Best Salesmen

Creating a product or service with a considerable utility is only half the battle. The other half is convincing prospective customers to shell out their hard-earned money. Prospective customers are not solely swayed to purchase your products/services based on their actual benefits. The pitches developed by your sales team matter a great deal. Oftentimes, the tactics used by your best salesmen are really what make the difference between a sale and a non-sale.

How to Keep Your Sales Superstars: Positive Reinforcement

If you are impressed with the performance of a particular sales professional, do not assume that words of praise will keep him around. When it comes to marketing for IT and other sales ventures, those who are tasked with selling are motivated by money and goals. If they attain the goals, reward them with a predetermined raise. Yet financial compensation is not the sole means of retaining sales gurus. Some prefer additional benefits in the form of increased paid time off, extended health care coverage, matching 401(k) contributions and so on.

In many instances, it is the small stuff that matters the most to sales professionals. Consider the work environment itself. Are you forcing your sales superstars to work out of a cramped cubicle? Give them an office and they will be more inclined to remain in their current position. Some value other subtleties like comfortable seating, the freedom to use workplace amenities whenever desired and the leeway to show up a little late or leave slightly early.

However, not every sales professional is motivated by such nuanced workplace matters. Some are shooting for positive reinforcement in the form of equity. If you have a true sales superstar on your hands, consider offering him equity in the business. Even if it is one-half of one percent of the company’s worth or even less, such an offering just might convince your sales aficionado to remain on board. You can also provide sales superstars with the opportunity to buy company stock at a discounted price.

Don’t let Your Sales Professionals Stagnate

Put yourself in the position of a salesman who has worked for your company for years. He has an excellent track record, reaches or exceeds sales quotas on a regular basis and is a joy to work with. All too often, sales professionals of this variety end up stagnating due to employer indifference. The truth is that sales “rainmakers” can’t be replaced by any old college graduate with a business or marketing degree. True sales superstars will look for alternative opportunities that give them the chance to explore new opportunities with increased compensation, better benefits and the opportunity to bolster their resume.

You can prevent your sales staff from jumping ship by giving them something to strive toward. Never let them stagnate and feel as though there is little reason to shoot for the stars. Dangle the forms of positive reinforcement outlined above in front of your sales stars and they’ll have new goals worth pursuing. Perhaps more importantly, they will feel desired. When someone is made aware that his efforts are valued, he feels respected. Those who feel desired and respected tend to stick around as there is a greater chance that their employer will recognize their efforts with the types of tangible rewards described above.

Dangle the Bait and You’ll Keep the Fish on the Line

Sales professionals are competitive individuals. If they are provided with realistic goals and accompanying rewards, they will remain loyal. Whether your sales team conducts marketing for IT or any other type of selling, they should know that their efforts are appreciated. Offer some positive reinforcement and you’ll retain those sales superstars for years to come.

Michael Fitzgerald
San Diego, CA

About the Author

IT Support San DiegoMichael is the CEO of Spacelink, providing IT infrastructure cloud hosting services and IT Support in San Diego since 2001. Michael has over 9 years of experience in IT infrastructure and has a passion for simplify the complexities of information technology and cloud services. Spacelink exists to help companies propel their businesses with a well-reasoned IT strategy and forward-thinking technology that’s cost-effective and reliable. Spacelink was recognized as a top Managed IT service provider in North America by MSP Mentor in 2016.