The True Value of an MSP Business Is Not in Its Agreements but in the Key Person That Holds the Company Together

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When thinking about which MSP business to go with, it makes sense to consider that classic saying about a chain: it’s only as strong as its weakest link. Well, that’s a great metaphor for a team; but when you look at a company’s leadership, the analogy must extend to the purpose for the chain itself. Is the chain designed to give tires traction in weather? Is it attached to a lighter-than-air device? Or is it an anchor, keeping a boat secure during a typhoon? The purpose of a chain determines how effective it is, how effective it has to be, and how long it can last in such a capacity.

With an MSP, such questions are determined by a company’s leadership. A solid anchor is the type who builds his chain with the understanding that turbulence may be a regular exigency, and operations must continue regardless. Such a leader will “dig in” to a solid area, and “lead” his MSP chain to taut success. When a business has a stationary, sustainable nature to it, naturally this will increase clientele and profitability over time. That sustainability will be understood through consideration of the involved leadership.


When you think “Apple” and “Microsoft”, which names come to mind? Probably Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These visionaries lead both companies, and it’s true both provide much more expansive services than a traditional MSP business.

But it’s also important to note that neither business started out with an aim toward the international acclaim that would come. It’s that whole “startup from a garage” fairy-tale come to life that defines both Apple and Microsoft organizations. What made this tale possible were those in leadership, those in key positions pushing the company forward. These individuals made the tough calls, networked with the right organizations, outsourced where that was necessary and made proprietary decisions where it made the most sense to. If you are the key motivating force in your business, you should be as integrally involved.

Retaining Software Support

Not all businesses are going to be of the technology variety, of course; some are going to simply use this tech in regular operations. It’s as integral for that business to have passionate, effective personnel in leadership as anywhere else. A solid “anchor” leader will find support solutions to maintain operational protocols. If they’ve got to outsource to an MSP group, that’s what they’ll do.

But where the rubber really meets the road in this scenario is the leadership of additional support. Whomever you find to work with your company should be leading their own with the same kind of hands-on, practical, integrated approach. When you’re shopping for MSPs, you need to find one with leadership likewise commensurate to performance. Generally, the two remain hand in hand.

Further, with technology companies and other businesses, sometimes leadership doesn’t care about employees, it doesn’t care about product, and it doesn’t care about services. Sometimes all leadership is interested in is expanding itself. Such companies become empty, and waste a lot more money than they ultimately make.

Key Aspects of Trustworthy MSPs

Leadership in an MSP that will ultimately yield profitable returns for your business will make decisions that facilitate proper coverage professionally. Expect services like:

• Multiple service packages to suit client needs
• Scalable service that grows with clients
• Remote and onsite support
• Knowledge ability regarding latest technological breakthroughs
• 24/7 service for clients
• Recommendations for service which include cost-effectiveness

It’s easy to force a “one-size-fits-all” package on customers, and some MSPs lean more toward this model. But one that has designed packages to fit individual customer needs has put more thought into operations. Such a decision can only come from the top, and is an indicator of good leadership. So is scalable service, as it requires flexibility on the part of leadership. Certain more regular protocols must be “bent” in order to meet client needs. Remote and onsite support options should be available, as should the latest technological solutions which have hit the mainstream. All this should be attainable any time of the day or night, and should be as cost-effective as possible. Find an MSP with such characteristics and be assured key figures facilitating its growth and operation are trustworthy.

The Value of Mistakes Is Education

Learn from your mistakes. Just like you found out which kind of auto repair shops are the most reputable as a young adult, when choosing an MSP business, you need to find a company with proactive leadership that works with you for success.

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