Lyft’s Hidden Value Aligns With Cloud Computing

IT Support San JoseHave you ever heard of the driving business named Lyft? On the surface, Lyft appears to be a basic service for people who need to get to places for a very reasonable price, not to mention that it’s a very efficient service. However, Lyft’s service is continuously being “feared” due to events that could not have been prevented. On the tech side of things, one could draw similarities between Lyft and cloud computing services — both suffer from a general fear from the public. Both also contain hidden values.

Here Are Some Connections:

The fear of the cloud and cloud based servers share a similar fear to that of those working in Lyft’s business. Due to unfortunate attacks to Lyft drivers, people now fear the service. Although you’re just as likely to be harmed within your own vehicle. Just as Lyft drivers and riders can be attacked, so can cloud servers. It doesn’t happen often, and while it can be prevented, it causes a surprise for those maintaining them. These fears may be justified, but in most cases, a fear is just a fear and is mostly unnecessary.

The fear behind cloud services start at many different points. Some examples that may cause some fear in businesses are as follows:

• Knowing that someone will be monitoring your business’ most personal data,
• Possible cyber based attacks, such as a denial of service,
• Government intrusion, etc.

While these fears hold some warrant, it’s important to keep in mind that a trustworthy MSP will try its hardest to keep all that you own secure.

There’s No Need To Be Afraid!

Continuing to draw connections between the cloud and Lyft, both services contain great value which is unfortunately hidden by fear. Parking expenses and time spent looking for parking are only the beginning of the benefits that Lyft has in store for their customers.

As for cloud computing, one major benefit for picking up cloud based services is the elimination of purchasing expensive hardware indefinitely. By taking hardware out of the picture for your servers, your business will never have to discuss and decide on what hardware to purchase. In addition, you will never have to hire an IT firm to assist with installing any programs or software required.

It’s true that when your business decides to go cloud-based, an MSP will be looking over your data and materials within your servers, but as that is sensitive data, most, if not all managed service providers wouldn’t even dare to intrude on such things. If you find that your data is being stolen, you absolutely must find a new managed service provider. Data stored within your business’ cloud should always be private and exclusive to your business only.

With proper set-up, cloud solutions will always be available for your business — and be accessed by your employees on the go! Cloud services are incredibly portable and flexible. Relocating your servers and data will never be a liability.

Some Fears Are Unwarranted

Indeed, Lyft services and cloud services share a lot in common. They are both covered by unfounded fears, but provide excellent quality services. By picking up cloud computing, your business will absolutely reap the benefits of cloud based computing and services. And you will find that there’s no reason to fear it at all!

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