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Is There Value in Having an IT Marketing Business Enemy?

IT Support San JoseIs it really worth your time to focus on your IT marketing rival? Think of all the time potentially wasted that could have been spent on developing new ideas. Many companies obsess on competitors out of fear, since the market is saturated with players, making survival similar to a game of musical chairs. Here are ways to view your competition that can be productive and valuable.

Assessing Business Enemies

The IT market is stacked with competition, but not all companies are real players. Many companies may be fronts for outsourced services and not even pose a big threat to your business. You should be concerned about large competitors with big budgets to promote themselves, but your own budget will determine the extent of your marketing efforts.

The most concern, however, should be directed toward players that have set out to disrupt your industry. Those are the businesses that lead the way toward new standards, which can out-date everything you’ve developed. That does not mean you should learn how to destroy them, it means learn from them in terms of how they serve a demand.

When a business invades your target market, it does not help to stress about it. Nor does it help to promote a rivalry, unless you are truly leaving competitors in the dust. The best way to compete in the IT marketing space is to offer the best services and expertise. It makes no sense to stay in the market if you’re not going to learn new technology to help companies evolve. If someone is trying to steal your clients, instead of treating them as an enemy, prove to them you offer the better choice.

How To Outsmart IT Competitors

The best way of staying ahead of the curve in technology is to find your own thought leaders online, and stay up to date with their blogs. It may even inspire you at writing your own blogs. Learn about the latest trends in technology in various industries, so that you can be in a position to provide helpful advice to decision makers on how to conserve money and time.

Be particularly alert on new security solutions. Even though software security continues to improve, cyber criminals are also constantly learning new ways to beat sophisticated technology. The best IT companies place a high priority on security as well as 24/7 business continuity. Working with a cloud provider helps keep you in touch with the growing trend in cloud computing as a complete platform for business. The more you can offer business automation tools that save operations time and money, the more valuable you will be to managers, regardless of your marketing budget.

Learning From Rivalries

One of the biggest rivalries in tech is Microsoft vs. Apple. It’s important to remember, though, that’s a rivalry in which both players have spent millions on television advertising. It’s also a rivalry between two companies that have worked with each other for several decades at developing cross-platform products. So it’s not exactly the same type of rivalry that you may deal with as an IT consultant. At the same time, it demonstrates how rivalries do not always have to involve enemies.

Your IT competitors can teach you how far behind they are at services in which you have an edge. Every business must now develop niches in which they can be leaders, so it’s helpful to study your market to learn what the holes are. The more services you offer, the more different types of businesses you will be able to work with. You should also strive to sell value over price, since there is plenty of value in protecting digital assets and providing infrastructure that determines how business is conducted.


It makes more sense for your IT marketing to treat competitors more as benchmarks than as enemies. Ask yourself if you offer the best possible services for your clients. Ideally, learning about your competitors will help you push your own limits. Since the IT industry is constantly evolving, it’s best to stay up to date on new technology so that you can help inform clients.

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