You Need to Use Overkill When Marketing Cloud Computing!

cloud computingCloud computing has been a rather hot topic for several years. While many startups are quick to adopt this technology, larger, more established corporations are more cautious to make the change. In fact, according to a recent survey, 49 percent of all executive-level managers believe that cloud computing can help transform their business; however, many companies are slow to adopt this new technology due to a slew of concerns they have.

When you understand the fears and concerns that businesses have regarding the cloud, you can address them and ensure your marketing efforts are successful.

A Loss of Control

When the systems go down, it is usually the IT director who is going to take the blame. As a result, they are often nervous about handing over this responsibility for the business’s infrastructure to someone they don’t know.

In the past, if a CPU overheated or a hard drive failed, it was up to the IT department to fix the problem — even if the call comes at 3 AM. However, when cloud computing services are implemented, the IT director feels as though they are handing all their control over — no longer are they the “go-to guy” for tech problems.

When trying to sell cloud computing services, it is best to distinguish between doing the grunt work and having complete control. The fact is, the flexibility offered by the cloud provides more control than traditional IT infrastructure. This is what you need to sell clients who are reluctant to make the change. When these services are implemented, the client can use as much or as little as needed, which leads to significant savings.


The second most common issue businesses have with making a change to cloud computing is security. Questions such as “can customers access the data” and “have the security patches been updated,” come up often.

The fact is, the biggest security risk for any infrastructure is overlooking serious security issues due to resources, expertise, and time. After all, there is no perfect system, and the reality is that a well-staffed cloud provider that has a highly trained staff and that deals with security each day is going to reduce the chances of security breaches taking place, compared to an under-resourced and overworked IT department.

Cloud hosts are much more likely to have well-configured and robust load balancers, up-to-date patches, and firewalls since that is all their business does.

When selling cloud services, make sure to point out the flaws in traditional infrastructure — which the cloud addresses. When a company makes a move to the cloud, it means the IT department is able to spend more time overseeing and checking security, rather than hours on day-to-day setup work. Making this the focus of your marketing efforts helps convince clients about the benefits of the cloud.

Are You Ready to Make a Change Too?

A loss of control and security are the top reasons most companies are hesitant to move to the cloud. However, if you implement strong, accurate marketing tactics, you can clearly showcase the many benefits offered by cloud services. Make this change… because overkill marketing is your best chance of a successful sale!

If a potential client is struggling to maintain his existing infrastructure or suffers from other issues, then it is time to tell him that the cloud is the way to go. In most cases, businesses only have excellent reports after moving to the cloud for all their business needs. They should not suffer due to unfounded fears of the cloud. It is your job to sell them cloud computing services… it is your job to help them overcome their fears, so make sure you have the ammunition to do so!

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