Artificial Intelligence is Your New Primary Healthcare Professional

IT Support San JoseThe healthcare industry, just like all industries out there, is constantly evolving. As a managed service provider, you are going to have clients that focus on healthcare, specifically. One of the biggest advances being seen most recently in this area is that of the growth of artificial intelligence. Healthcare and having a primary healthcare professional may no longer mean going to see a doctor— it may mean just talking to a computer of sorts.

Managed service providers need to learn about the changing landscape of the healthcare industry. It is no longer enough to just make sure that computer systems are up and running. Instead, it is about making sure that they have the computing power to process artificial intelligence applications will drive the health and care of patients in a practical manner.

Acting as a Health Assistant

How many of us have the chance to go to the doctor frequently for necessary check-ups? This is not something that many of us have the luxury of actually doing. With the advancement in technology, it seems like artificial intelligence will quickly become your very own primary healthcare professional.

With artificial intelligence, it is not going to be long before you are talking about technology, rather than a person, to get advice about the state of your very own health. We are starting to see this in the latest smartphones with the growth of Siri, for example, and this is only the beginning. Medical applications will continue to grow and expand to give us advice about diets, our blood pressure, and prescription refills, among other things.

Coaching to Better Health

Healthcare coaching is also going to have a significant role here. One of the more common ways where coaching currently takes place is through phone conversations. However, the big issue that many people have with this is that you need to have a set time scheduled when you and someone else can be on the phone at the same time. What happens when you miss a call as a patient? This can lead to excessive phone tag between you and the other healthcare coach, wasting time and resulting in nothing productive.

Healthcare costs are also increasing, and when you can use artificial intelligence to get the same level of coaching on-demand, on your schedule, this will save time and also make the entire experience much more convenient for everyone involved.
Think about a patient that has a chronic problem, for example, someone suffering from obesity and needs long-term healthcare assistance. Artificial intelligence health coaching can be a great solution— they can get the advice that they need, have their vitals checked regularly, and be sure that they are on the path to better health.

Things will continue to expand when it comes to having a virtual primary healthcare professional. This is actually getting more noticeable, in the form of virtual visits to the doctor right on your computer, which allows you to be diagnosed with the most basic of conditions without setting foot in a physician’s office. This creates order and frees doctors up to care for the most complex of cases for which they are needed.

With the cost of healthcare constantly increasing, this is a way to control expenses and help consumers get the care that they need. Managed service providers have to understand the computing power necessary behind this growing trend and adjust accordingly for all their healthcare clients in the industry.

Robert Naragon
ITque, Inc.
Campbell, CA

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