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What’s the Secret to Speeding up the MSP Marketing Sales Cycle?

IT MarketingEveryone in MSP marketing should be aware of how to speed up the IT sales cycle. It involves taking a more personalized approach with prospects and customers than a traditional selling style. Today’s managers are constantly trying to improve business efficiency, which is what MSPs offer through technology. Here are some of the key secrets to MSPs convincing businesses to invest in IT solutions.

Qualify and Prioritize Leads

Since not all leads have the same importance or level of urgency in terms of how soon they need to be contacted, it’s best to score your leads. The scoring system is arbitrary, as some marketers use 1-10 ratings and others use grades. By focusing on your top leads, you can get to more sales conversions quicker than going through a list of leads in random order.

How To Treat Objections

It’s better to explore any prospect’s complaints or reservations before responding. Don’t assume that just because they are holding out on a purchase that they have no interest. It saves time when you actually learn directly from a prospect or customer what their specific objections are. They may want a certain solution but are not ready to pay for it. Or they may want to learn more about your firm and its reputation.

MSP Communication Style

Be yourself and treat the other person how you would want to be treated. Managers like to associate with straight shooters who communicate clearly, so that business can flow transparently and they can easily justify the relationship. When MSP marketing involves informing prospects more than trying to persuade them to sign a contact, it helps creates a friendlier perception.

It’s best to avoid industry jargon if you do not know the person well, since it can lead to miscommunication. Using clear, concise language helps messages get across more quickly. It’s how brand awareness is built. At the same time, you don’t want your presentation to come off as robotic and carefully scripted. A natural presentation can be achieved simply through confidence in solution benefits and brand knowledge.

Upfront Pricing

Make sure you discuss pricing early on so that they have a clear idea of what they would be paying. A well trained IT staff that provides quality service provides the MSP with a built-in selling point that justifies pricing. Remember than cost barriers have a major effect on B2B decision making. You don’t want to surprise the prospect at the end of a long presentation with costs they cannot afford.

Instead of trying to run up sales stats, take an interest in the decision maker’s specific needs. After all, your job as a consultant is to point them toward better finances through efficient technology. Nobody gets into business to lose money. You’re in a position to help businesses make money. So don’t be afraid to discuss pricing if it reflects quality services.

Easy Sign-up Process

By making the sign-up process as simple as possible, you can eliminate an additional sales hurdle. Many times, buyers feel they just don’t have the time to go through time-consuming procedures. The contract should be straight forward and should explain all the terms clearly. Easy-to-read IT contracts are less intimidating, as some businesses already perceive IT services to be complex.

Focus on Analytics

Give the most attention to your top performing channels. Analytics provide a wealth of data, but it’s impractical to focus on all of it. Find out what is driving your best performing services and spend more time focusing on it. Then in your spare time work on areas that need improving.

Automation and Apps

One of the most powerful ways to speed up production and efficiency is to automate repetitive tasks. Automation frees up time that could be spent on sales. By replacing certain tasks with software, it allows you to streamline your staff so that you can invest more in a sales team. Using Customer Relation Management (CRM) automation is extremely helpful to speeding up sales cycles. It helps you organize customer profiles easily with instant access to contact information, links to email and communication logs.

Technology plays many roles in modern business sales. Staying updated on the latest marketing tools helps make sales time more productive. Some firms have a need to create their own enterprise apps that make it easier to interact with their customers. The more you interact with customers, the better chances you have of establishing a memorable relationship, and building trust and loyalty.


The best way for your MSP marketing professionals to accelerate the sales cycle is to use automation software and other empowering solutions. The more time an MSP can spend on developing sales relationships, the faster sales will flow. Sales are the result of efforts to increase relationships and the amount of quality time spent to ensure customer satisfaction.

About the author

Kevin Welch
Arlington, TX

IT support ArlingtonKevin Welch graduated from Texas Tech University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has been working in the IT channel for 11 years. He is currently the Director of Marketing & Sales for CTG which is a managed IT services company that provides IT services in Dallas, Ft Worth, Arlington and Amarillo. Kevin was instrumental into transitioning CTG’s business model from break-fix into an all-inclusive managed services offering. CTG pride themselves on hiring customer service oriented techs so they can deliver amazing IT services to their business clients. When Kevin is not working diligently for his clients he loves to spend time with his family and is an avid golfer. He also considers himself an outdoors man who loves camping, fishing and hunting.