Talk Bad about Your MSP Marketing Competitors and They’ll Say, ‘Go Ahead Make My Day!’

MSP marketingThere are so many different MSP marketing tactics that you can take as a managed service provider when it comes to getting the attention of not only your current customers but also potential customers in the market. When you ask anyone who has ever had to work to sell a product or a service, they will tell you that there are a lot more benefits to taking a positive swing of things rather than a negative one. This is something that all MSPs should make note of and try and practice going forward.

How many times have you talked to someone trying to sell you a product or service, and they go into a negative tone focused on their competitors? Rather than talking about their own product or service that they are pushing, they are talking negatively about what is being offered by others in the market. This may seem like a fine idea on its surface (for some), but the way that this is perceived by customers is not quite what you would expect the vast majority of the time.

Focusing on You

As an IT firm, you want your MSP marketing to focus on you and what your company can actually bring to the table for current and potential clients. Whenever you have the opportunity to talk to customers, you want to be able to sell what your company actually does. What makes you special and why do these special traits make so much sense for the customers that are paying attention to you?

What you have to realize is that when you have the ear of a current or potential customer, they have come to you for a reason. It could be perhaps that they have already heard great things about the work that your company is doing in the managed service provider space. It could be because of the services that they found that you offer on your website or social media space. Whatever the reason is, you want to focus on you and what your company does best because these customers have come to you for a reason.

Don’t Highlight Your Competitors

You never want to shine a light, whether it be positive or negative, on your competitors. As a managed service provider, you should have the mindset that you are the very best in your industry. When you strive to be the best, you do not have to worry about comparing yourself to the competition that is out there. When you run down a competitor to a potential customer, you may end up actually pushing these customers to those competitors.

Talking negatively about a competitor in the industry is a sign of weakness. Why do you feel the need to defend yourself? Are the competitors that bad that they are truly worth you talking about them to these clients? When you do this, customers may ask themselves why you are talking about the competition at all? Why are you so concerned about all of the supposedly bad work that they are doing, rather than focusing on the good work that you are doing?

The other thing at play here is that your customers may not even realize that there is competition out there that you are fighting against. Why highlight competitors in the market that consumers may not even have known existed in the first place? Take advantage of the attention that you are getting from these new and potential clients and use it for your benefit, not anyone else’s. Turn these individuals into long-term customers to help your company grow.

Many companies out there focus their sales pitch on their competitors, shining a negative light on what they do. The problem with this MSP marketing strategy is that it takes the attention away from your company and the positive work that you are doing for your current customers, and what you can also do for your potential customers. Focus your sales message on the positives of what you do day to day. Realize that these customers have come to you for a reason. When you have their ear, take advantage of it!

David Walter
MSP SEO Factory
Austin, TX

About the Author

MSP MarketingDavid has 16 years of experience in MSP marketing for the IT industry, including his current position as Marketing Director at MSP SEO Factory. He also speaks at IT marketing trade shows, is a sales trainer for major IT companies, and is a published author with an upcoming book titled ‘Stratospheric Marketing Secrets for Generating Sales Leads’.