Should You Give Instant Access to Your Managed Services Proposals?

Managed ServicesTetris with the Numbers

Managed services providers are going to have differing costs as they depend on client needs and client budgets. A lot of clients who may purchase the services your MSP offers have a number in mind when they go into negotiations. They want to keep from transgressing a certain threshold of cost.

While some MSPs don’t share quote information until they’ve met a client, this can actually deter business. It is possible to meter your own service proposal to match how much you think a client is willing to pay. In such a way you can tiptoe to their mental threshold and come just nigh of it, securing the highest profit. But this method is just as likely to scare off a potential client, and over time is certainly a poor attitude to level at customers. There is a better way to make these number blocks fit, and it involves giving clients instant access to an online quoting system.

Developing a Quotation System That Works

Have a baseline of inclusions in your quotation system that still allows you some wiggle room. Have the quoted price be several echelons of service removed from the bottom-line, baseline price. This way you can offer additional concessions to clients should the need arise. Once you’ve done this, look at averages to determine which prices to offer between what other MSPs are bringing to the table, and what your organization can.

When a client can mentally fit the costs of your service in with the other Tetris blocks of budgetary expense, it makes closing with that client and facilitating a successful future relationship much easier. Additionally, it allows you to focus on the benefits of conjoined service, rather than the costs.

Managed services should be presented in a way which recommends value regardless of cost, because ultimately this is why businesses buy them to begin with. The right services reduce the time taken conducting infrastructural maintenance, they reduce development costs through streamlined hardware and software options, and they reduce statistically expect-able downtime through instant and continuous maintenance of service.

Backup and recovery solutions today are available through the cloud, which can ensure continuous operations more sustainable than the vast majority of on-site systems. Additionally, cloud backup and recovery is much more convenient, and can be done on a continuous basis; whereas on-site data backup and recovery has built-in limitations.

The Right Focus

Focusing on these aspects of your MSP’s provisions, rather than their cost, can make a sale almost a foregone conclusion. You’re able to relate to clients personably, and directly; where before, your only relationship was that of a street vendor and a haggler. Cut out the money business, you can talk advantages – and those sell themselves much easier. Many MSPs have noticed the benefits of using an online quoting system to ease clients into prospective services. This adds a level of transparency to business interactions which makes things easier for everybody. The more transparent your sales pitch is, the more likely you are to close with the client. Sometimes, you can close at higher numbers than competitors precisely because the client values your honesty. They’re willing to pay more for your services than your competitions because they know they can trust you.


Things that seem “too good to be true” are always that way. The catch will manifest. Whether it comes in the form of additional costs hidden in the small-print, sub-par services that aren’t worth their seeming discount, or some other negative outlier, it’s going to sour the deal. You don’t want this to happen. It’s better to undersell, than to oversell; but if you can undersell the right way, then you stand to increase satisfaction all around. Transparency allows you to do this, and the best way to be transparent is to include a box on your website that allows potential clients to tailor their own quotes.

You can also use such a quotation box as a starting point. You tell the client, when discussion comes, precisely what baseline packages include; then mention some other service that isn’t involved in such a package, but let slip that upgrade would be necessary for it. In for a penny, in for a pound, as the saying goes. This is a great way to transparently up-sale using human nature as an inciting catalyst rather than subterfuge.

Techniques Consolidated

Buffing up successful MSP sales closure can be done through several strategies:

• Being transparent
• Direct sales proposals
• Providing an online quoting system
• Selling services based on advantage, not cost

When your managed services sales pitch isn’t about providing “bottom dollar” goods, but about providing the most sustainable, transparent, trustworthy value, your clients know that they can depend on you, and are more likely to close on a proposal. Online quotation eases this process.

Brent Whitfield
DCG Technical Solutions
Los Angeles, CA

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