Should an MSP Business Have a Fleet of Vehicles Wrapped With a Message?

MSP BusinessAs an MSP business owner, you likely search high and low for new, innovative, and effective ways to advertise not only your business, but also get the message of what you have to offer “out to the masses.” While old methods of television and radio ads may still garner a bit of success, there are better options out there.

Chances are, you already invest in online advertising, but do you need to stop there? Absolutely not! There are innovative, fun ways for you to continue advertising your business every day, and to the local area.

One of these methods is to wrap your fleet of vehicles with your marketing message. When you do this, each time a service tech or sales representative goes out on a call or to sell, your message is being spread all around.

Fun Facts about Vehicle Wraps

Consider the following: according to recent studies, vehicle wraps are considered the most effective form of advertising available today. In fact, a single vehicle wrap can garner from 30,000 to 70,000 views each day. Now, multiply these views by the total number of vehicles you have. Pretty impressive, right? Your fleet of trucks will be able to spread the message far and wide, so you want to make sure that they are in tip-top shape and not going to break down. Using a diesel truck repair service, or a service depending on your fuel type, you’ll be able to keep them up and running ready for your marketing and service needs.

Another benefit that makes vehicle wraps an appealing form of advertising is the fact that these have the lowest cost-per-impression rate of any other form of advertising. This is true for large companies, as well as small to medium-sized businesses. Unlike television, you can’t shut off the messaging on your vehicle. As a result, even when the vehicle is parked or stationary, you are creating a “buzz” for your business. Perhaps more companies should consider gathering a fleet of vehicles for their business. Once they’ve got a fleet, they could even consider using fleet management software from Tenstreet (find out here what their software does). Hopefully, that will help businesses to track fleets and grow their operations. The best thing is that nowadays you do not have to worry too much about breakdowns from running out of fuel because there are companies that supply business vehicles from wherever they are with enough fuel for them to keep going. This business emergency fuel delivery comes from companies like Specialty Fuel Services and helps businesses stay on track with deliveries, marketing campaigns, and any other uses that are stuck on a time schedule.

Here are a few more impressive stats about vehicle wraps from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

• Over 95 percent of all Americans are reached by media that targets drivers and their passengers.
• Mobile advertising is the most efficient and effective type of outdoor advertising.
• In the past seven days, the average American has traveled approximately 302 miles.
• It is forecasted that the amount of time spent in vehicles and the number of trips taken is on a sharp upward trajectory.

Have you considered vehicle wraps for your MSP business? If not, now may represent the best time to do so.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Fleet of Vehicles

According to experts, the secret to any effective advertising effort is to make a super, unforgettable first impression. Vehicle wraps represent a memorable way to spread your business’s message. Some of the specific benefits offered when you invest in this advertising method include:

• Quickly grab the attention of other drivers on the road.
• Reach a much bigger audience.
• Don’t worry about adverse effects of aggressive advertising — this is a completely passive method of spreading your message.
• Have a low-cost method of mobile advertising.
• It’s affordable to wrap your entire fleet.
• Access one of the most effective local advertising methods.
• Protect your fleet of vehicles from scratches, dings, and other damages.

Besides being an additional advertising cost, there are no downsides to using vehicle wraps to spread the message about the IT services you provide in the community. In most cases, you can easily recoup the money spent on vehicle wraps in the exposure they get for you. This means that a vehicle wrap is a smart, not to mention effective, advertising method.

Are You Ready to Reach New Customers?

As an IT service provider, you always have the option to stick with traditional forms of advertising. However, commercials on the television and radio are simply not as effective as they once were. Plus the cost is quite excessive when compared to the affordable rate charged for vehicle wraps.

If you are ready to invest in new and effective ways to grow your business, in addition to adopting Fleet Management Software Solutions and similar technologies, you may also have to figure out ways to reach customers in your local area. For this, there is no question that wrapping your fleet of vehicles is a smart move. The initial investment you make is going to pay off in the long run. Each time your technicians or sales reps leave the office, they are going to advertise your business and all the services you offer.

This is one of the most effective, low-cost methods of getting new customers available today. Your MSP business can benefit greatly when you make the decision to invest in this type of advertising.

Kevin Welch
Arlington, TX

About the author

IT support ArlingtonKevin Welch graduated from Texas Tech University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has been working in the IT channel for 11 years. He is currently the Director of Marketing & Sales for CTG which is a managed IT services company that provides IT services in Dallas, Ft Worth, Arlington and Amarillo. Kevin was instrumental into transitioning CTG’s business model from break-fix into an all-inclusive managed services offering. CTG pride themselves on hiring customer service