Create Urgency With IT Services Marketing Prospects Without Being a Snake Oil Salesman!

IT Services MarketingSometimes bad timing can lead to unsuccessful IT services marketing. It’s common for telemarketers to lose deals after almost closing them. The key to making the expense of paid telemarketers pay-off is that they need to prioritize leads and nurture leads for the future. Here are details on planning marketing campaigns that involve telemarketers.

Closing Appointments

The difference between a good and poor telemarketer is that a good agency is aware when a deal falls through and learns from it. One of the main factors to successful telemarketing is to create a sense of urgency that something must be resolved immediately. When you are not in agreement with a prospect, it’s best to call them back. Next time you can verify that you are paying attention to them.

Once you have created a sense of urgency, it’s a good strategy to describe the time frame of the proposal process. From there the telemarketer can make adjustments to scheduling based on the prospect’s needs. By staying in contact with the prospect at least once every six months to discuss a “final decision,” sales opportunities increase.

Introductory Meetings

Use of the phrase “introductory meeting” can sway people to set a first appointment, since the term evokes a friendly and generous feel. At the same time it conveys a sense of urgency that basic information needs to be learned as soon as possible. Offering such a meeting helps establish an interest and allows for early evaluations.

When you call back the second time, it’s your chance to verify that the prospect has interest. This verification gives you an indication how to score and prioritize the prospect so that you can maximize your time with high scoring leads. At the introductory meeting you can learn plenty of data about the prospect so that you will be able to reach a common ground more easily in the future.

Successful Telemarketers

Strong communication skills are necessary to be a successful IT services marketing representative. You have to speak and listen clearly, as well as be able to resolve problems quickly. While most telemarketers read carefully worded scripts, it’s still important for the agent to have knowledge about problems and solutions associated with the product or service. It’s important to resolve problems quickly, but certain cases require telemarketers to be more patient.

Telemarketers, whether they are in-house or outsourced, are usually classified under sales and marketing or customer service. That’s why the agent must have multiple communication skills, including the ability to persuade as well as inform. At the same time, a telemarketer cannot afford to sound like a traditional pushy sales person. Today’s sales talent must be more calm and conversational, since consumers now look for businesses that they can trust.

In order to create a sense of urgency without coming off as too sales-oriented, you need to learn a little about the prospect and talk more on a conversational level. It helps to have a sincere attitude in the first place. Then you need to sound convincing when you explain the benefits of the product or service. Many times all it takes is a list of reasons to get people to commit to a free meeting.

Tips for Telemarketers After Saying “Hello”

• Ask for what you are trying to achieve, such as an appointment
• Approach the call with a positive and motivated mindset
• Be prepared to call back at specific times
• Make sure your interaction flows like a conversation
• Build rapport by reaching a common ground
• Adjust the pitch of your voice if your success rate is low
• Structure call to tell a story, starting with an attention grabber
• Avoid long pauses or lack of pauses
• Be ready to take note of dates and times the prospect is available
• Be prepared to send the prospect an email if they request more information

Tips for Telemarketers in Their Spare Time

• Rehearse rebuttals to potential objections
• Practice reading and speaking at faster paces and higher energy levels
• Practice shifting between a script and responding to customer questions
• Role play with another person


Telemarketing can be very helpful in expanding your business, but you must make sure that all IT servcies marketing representatives are excellent communicators. It’s best for telemarketers, especially cold callers, to convey a sense of urgency without being overly persuasive. Culminating a call with an “introductory meeting” can be a rewarding goal that expands your client base.

David Walter
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IT MarketingDavid has 16 years of experience in MSP marketing for the IT industry, including his current position as Marketing Director at MSP SEO Factory. He also speaks at IT marketing trade shows, is a sales trainer for major IT companies, and is a published author with an upcoming book titled ‘Stratospheric Marketing Secrets for Generating Sales Leads’.