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Are You Connecting With Your MSP Marketing Presentation?

MSP MarketingThe Importance of Audience Connection

MSP marketing requires a connection with those viewing a given presentation. Jonathan Sprinkles, Connection Coach, has pointed out that failing to connect with the audience makes you less memorable — not to mention what this does to the ultimate efficacy of your presentation.

If the audience can’t remember you, and it can’t remember your presentation, you’re basically wasting your time. You got all nervous, memorized all those points, and spent all that time preparing for nothing — because you didn’t focus on connection. Following are several tips to help you properly engage with your audience such that sales closure is virtually assured.

Tips and Tricks

If you’re a video gamer, the title of this subsection likely connected with you subtly. “Tips and Tricks” was a video game magazine replete with cheat codes for major games in the nineties. As the Internet became more available, this magazine slowly fell by the wayside; but those who used it in their youth will always remember how it helped them either beat tough games or have the time of their life playing with cheat codes. Mentioning such a magazine as an example of services in your presentation will definitely connect with some of your audience. They may forget your presentation, but if they see you again, they’ll say something akin to: “Hey, it’s you! Tips and Tricks guy! Man, I loved that magazine as a kid!” The lesson here is that connections don’t necessarily have to be directly correlated to the core of your presentation. It’s more important to put your fingers on the pulse of your audience.

Mnemonic Device

Mnemonic devices can cement a concept in the audience’s memory. Think of a mnemonic device as a punchline indicator, or a catch-phrase. Here’s an illustration: once the presentation begins, you close your opening remarks with a “repeat after me” segment. You give a summary introductory pitch, and say something like, “now I want you to repeat after me: sustainability. Everybody got that? One, two, three — sustainability! Yes, very good.”

If that’s your “catchphrase”, then as you make a point, you’ll say it, or point to the audience and have them say it. If you see somebody nodding off, or not paying attention, single them out and get a laugh. (Though be careful; this could sour the wrong client.) The point is, find a way to connect with the audience and then continuously maintain the establishment of that connection. Repetitive mnemonic devices have a subconscious hypnotic effect. If you can get stuck in their heads, you’ll make more sales.

Remember to repeat the device at least three times. There’s a very important phenomenon called the “rule of threes”. This phenomenon is trans-applicable, and can be found in multiple echelons of artistic expression. From comedy, to literature, to poetry, to prose, to presentations which involve your MSP service, utilizing the rule of threes is a great way to remain memorable while directly communicating in a psychologically amenable way.

Easier On Paper Than In Practice

Now this is all easy enough to write down, but truly coming up with a mnemonic device that works is tricky. You’ll actually have to connect with your audience on multiple levels. Sometimes you won’t be able to make anyone repeat after you, because the place where the MSP marketing presentation is happening isn’t made up of that sort of crowd. Remember that the means by which you connect to the audience, though integral, are not the meat and potatoes of your presentation. Ensure you’ve got the meat and potatoes down before you get into the side dishes; no matter how healthy their ingredients. Once you have that core presentation established, then it’s time to sit back and tweak it.

Organic Mnemonic Devices

What do you do regularly? What topics come up more than once? You may find a natural mnemonic device. Here’s a kitschy idea: “You want CLOUD services because of C, L, O, U, D: Continuously Lucrative Operational Utility Derivatives”. You just gave them a clever, repeatable acrostic that you can use as a reference point for your entire presentation. Make a PowerPoint page for each letter. Continuous sustainability comes from automatic updates and outsourced hardware upgrades regularly applied. Lucrative operations come from cutting edge technology. Operations benefit from streamlined tech. Utility likewise expands as cost is curtailed and efficiency is compounded. Derivative solutions become available due to increased operability that was previously unattainable.

Everything Consolidated

Connecting with your audience will statistically increase your MSP marketing successes by making you more memorable. Techniques to consider include:

• Facilitating audience connection
• Finding a personal contact point
• Establishing a mnemonic device
• Using the rule of threes
• Taking time to develop strategy
• Organically deriving audience connectivity methods

With all labor there is profit; so take time and refine your marketing presentation.

Michael Fitzgerald
San Diego, CA

About the Author

IT Support San DiegoMichael is the CEO of Spacelink, providing IT infrastructure cloud hosting services and IT support in San Diego since 2001. Michael has over 9 years of experience in IT infrastructure and has a passion to simplify the complexities of information technology and cloud services. Spacelink exists to help companies propel their businesses with a well-reasoned IT strategy and forward-thinking technology that’s cost effective and reliable. Spacelink was recognized as a top Managed IT service provider in North America by MSP Mentor in 2016.