MSPs, Is Your IT Marketing Team Going to Be the Dumper or the Dumpee?

IT MarketingLet’s face it, it’s a joint venture between an IT marketing team and the client to ensure both sides prove successful at the end of the road. The question is which side is diligent enough to stick in the game? We don’t want to fire you, and we certainly don’t want you to fire us, so if there are any preexisting concerns lingering about on either side, the proper measures need to be ensued to correct them as to continue working alongside one another to build a stable, profitable, and solid business.

As the IT marketing professional, there are several things to keep in mind when adding new clients to your repertoire. Of course when you’re first planting your roots, it seems clients are on speed dial – endless seas of new opportunity knocking at your door – however, it’s essential to caution yourself when adding clients to the books; not everyone is who they seem.

If they make unreasonable demands i.e. calling outside the hours discussed and agreed upon with new ideas or to make last minute changes to the project. Some professionals don’t mind if clients call them on the weekends or after hours, but if that isn’t explicitly noted, then it shouldn’t transpire. Evidently, these types of clients got their expectations from somewhere, so you need to make it a priority to re-calibrate their way of thinking.

We all search for the best deal on anything we exchange our money for. However, if a client is complaining about your prices from the start, it’s a red flag that they will also complain with every invoice and probably request additional work to be completed outside of the initial contract. These clients, with this type of mindset, will never understand or appreciate the value of quality and professional work. Remember that low-quality clients lead low-quality projects. Why invest your time when they aren’t willing to invest themselves?

When you work overtime to produce top-grade work for a client who ultimately contradicts every bit of advice you’ve given them, it proves difficult to be proud of your completed project. Yes, they hired you for your expertise, but their intention is to revise and edit your work beyond comprehension, because they think they know better. If you don’t take a stand and voice your opinion, their resistance to change will eventually be your downfall. Your best course of action is to complete the work to the client’s satisfaction and move on.

Some clients demonstrate the classic, “hurry up and wait” scenario, wherein you have to wait for any type of feedback. They’ll hire you, and then disappear. It’s understandable that our lives can be hectic causing our priorities to shift. In any such event, ask the client if there is someone else who can be the primary contact. Moreover, make sure they understand the consequences! Missed deadlines hurt both parties.

Similar to the way an IT marketing professional is expected to treat a client, with respect, not only for their time, but for their opinion and worth, you would think clients feel the same. False. You will get the occasional clients that cancel or reschedule constantly, and this is a complete waste of your time. You deserve clients that give you the respect you deserve. Your time is valuable and should be respected as such. Every time they cancel or reschedule, bill them for the inconvenience. They’ll get the hint sooner, rather than later. The world of IT marketing is progressing rapidly, and knowing how to separate the determined from the lethargic is a sure way of getting you where you need to go.

Nicholas Fortin
Nexxen Technologies, Inc.
West Palm Beach, FL

IT MarketingNicholas Fortin is the President and Owner of Nexxen Technologies, Inc., which provides IT Support in West Palm Beach. With a wealth of experience in the IT industry and a very real sense of what it takes to run a successful business, he is the ideal person to help their clients achieve more through a more efficient use of technology. Nicholas is well versed in the management of computer networks, IT Infrastructure and Operations Services (IOS), as well as in IT security best practices, due diligence, PCI-DSS, SOX, and HIPAA compliance. Nicholas is justifiably proud of his ability to establish and maintain excellent working relationships, not only with their clients and vendors, but with his co-workers too. Their 98% customer retention rate is a source of pride to everyone on the Nexxen Technologies, Inc. team too!