What’s the Downside of Hunting for Elephant Sized IT Sales Leads?

IT Support San DiegoGrowing a business in the information technology market is challenging to say the very least. There is a lot of competition among the major managed IT service providers in pretty much all of the major cities across the United States and even in San Diego. This makes it very difficult for small to medium-sized businesses to figure out the best approach they should take in terms of IT sales leads. Does it make sense for you to go for a few big accounts or does it seem more proper to go after a bunch of small to medium-sized accounts to help expand your business?

Ask anyone who works in the sales space trying to sell IT services and they will tell you that there are new challenges being faced every day. Everyone is jockeying for position and trying to offer something completely unique, something that helps them stand above the competition and land the contract so that they can get the desired client. When you are constantly hunting for elephants, though, what you may find is that you end up with nothing at all, except a bunch of missed opportunities.

The Problem With Elephants, They Are Slow

Think about an elephant in the form of IT sales leads. An elephant is going to be a big catch should you land him, something that is going to provide to you a great deal for a long time. The trouble with elephants, though, is that if you wait for them, they are going to take a long time to arrive.

The same can be said in the business world when you think of these potential clients, the big ones, as elephants. You may spend countless amounts of sales dollars and time putting together responses to requests for proposal from these large clients. You could attend countless meetings to make your sales pitch, and then you just wait.

The waiting game is the hardest part of trying to land these large clients. They simply are going to take that much longer than anyone else because they have a lot more at stake. These are the companies that are going to request proposals from several information technology service providers, sit on them for months, all before they make some decision. You may get the client, you may not, but either way it is going to take a long time.

All of Your Eggs in One Basket

The other big risk here with trying to land these elephant sized clients is that you have all of your eggs in one basket. Say you land that one big client that you have been after. That is great and you are doing solid business in the short-term, but what if that client cancels your contract after a one-year period? You are then left with absolutely nothing and the return that you have received for all of the time you put in trying to get the sale done is virtually wasted.

Many will argue that it makes more sense to go after several small to medium-sized clients rather than one or two really large ones. That way you have the ability to sign on more clients and in the event that one or two of them drops you after a period of time, you have several others that you are going to be able to rely on.

You never want to have all of your eggs in one basket due to the risk that it opens your company up to. It is always better to diversify so that you can mitigate the risk of having a concentration in a few clients that you are relying on just to keep the lights on for your business.

IT sales leads are tricky because you want to do the very best you can to help grow your business in the short and the long-term. Those elephants may look appealing as they are huge and seem attainable. Once you begin to put the work in, though, you may find that the resources required to land one are simply not worth it from a cost and benefit analysis. Think about this as you are working on your marketing strategy for your sales folks and the approach they are going to take to attract new clients.

Michael Fitzgerald
San Diego, CA

IT Support San DiegoMichael is the CEO of Spacelink, providing IT infrastructure cloud hosting services and IT support in San Diego since 2001. Michael has over 9 years of experience in IT infrastructure and has a passion to simplify the complexities of information technology and cloud services. Spacelink exists to help companies propel their businesses with a well-reasoned IT services strategy and forward-thinking technology that’s cost effective and reliable. Spacelink was recognized as a top managed IT services provider in San Deigo North America by MSP Mentor in 2016.


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