Syndicated Blogs Have Fallen, MSPs Should Adopt Original Content Marketing!

humpty-dumptyThe Value Of Originality

Content marketing has come a long way since the Internet became primarily mainstream. As search engines were initially understood, early modes of content marketing involved keyword optimization to the point of stuffing. Those companies running the search engine had no choice but to find a way around this trend, as users don’t like getting copy that looks as though it has been generated by a “spambot”. This practice is called “keyword stuffing”, and doing it on today’s web will hurt your digital reputation. What happens is, articles that over-saturate with keywords will be relegated to secondary and tertiary SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. Yet this wasn’t always the case.

As the Internet’s becoming an integral quotient of modern life, the “old west” of digital advertising is quickly being replaced by a new frontier of original content. In order to get your content to the top of the SERPs today, you’ve got to ensure that it has been optimized; not just with keywords, subject matter, links, and pictures, but with originality. Content that is creative, unique, and brings value to the potential customer — and even those who are existing regulars — is an integral component of generating leads from the web today. The difficulty comes in authorship of valid content, but that’s where agencies that specialize in this discipline come in.

Tangible Results

One of the unique idiosyncrasies of original content creation comes in the form of quantification. You can monitor how your web page is doing directly, and see which articles end up actually creating traffic. Effective content marketing should generate online leads that numerically increase as the content becomes known on the web.

Lesson Learned

Not too long ago, I realized that my Internet web rankings were beginning to dip, and something had to be done in order that effective marketing be re-established. So I decided to contact an online content solutions company. I learned that just relying on keyword optimization and syndicated articles doesn’t really work anymore, as the competition has upped their game and started using original content. I wish I had known much earlier what I know now. But that’s the great thing about this realization, it’s not too late!

Why Not To Syndicate

For those unfamiliar with syndicated articles, this term usually refers to two kinds of writing: pieces which are composed for multiple clients to use by an agency, or pieces published across multiple social media platforms and third-party sites by a business looking to maximize the impact of a single piece of writing. The latter category of syndication is that pertinent to this discussion. Syndicated articles of this type become easily recognizable with time, and can lose money for those who’ve purchased them, as clientele begin to know the articles and avoid them. Ultimately, such articles eventually become Internet background static. The mind naturally tunes them out. When you’ve clicked a link that looked interesting and it just turned out to be a syndicated bit of writing you had come across before, you’re not likely to read it or follow any links to a parent site.

In contrast, original content specifically developed toward a certain end has a higher likelihood of pulling in readers and increasing impact over time. After my company had gone the original, creative content approach — well-written and creative articles posted on our site stopped our downward slide, and we’re back up in the search results.

The Value of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is when your business posts an article on a blog that already has a strong following. You want to optimize the content such that it fulfills keyword requirements while simultaneously offering engaging, creative information. When you can get such an article published on a prominent website, it’s much more likely to be read. The more it’s read, the more you’ll get web-based leads from potential clients. The more leads you acquire, the greater the likelihood you’ll convert some of them into sales. There’s a powerful advantage to this technique.

Reasons To Adopt Original Content Marketing

The right content marketing can expose your brand to potentially millions worldwide. Additionally, going with a vetted agency provides clients with:

• Increased SERP rankings
• Increased digital leads
• Greater ROI on content marketing
• Continuously quantifiable results

Remaining competitive today often requires getting aboard the creative content train. One thing is sure: refraining from upgrading probably won’t do you any good.

Brent Whitfield
DCG Technical Solutions
Los Angeles, CA

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IT Support Los AngelesBrent Whitfield is CEO of DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. providing IT Support in the Los Angeles area since 1993. He started DCG as a results-oriented IT consulting company for Los Angeles small businesses in 1990, and built it into an IT Services company that was recognized among the Top 10 Fastest Growing MSPs in North America by MSP mentor. Brent has been featured in Fast Company, CNBC, Network Computing, Reuters, and Yahoo Business.