IT Providers That Don’t Evolve to Marketing Cloud Computing Will Go Extinct!

IT Support San DiegoSome IT providers may be left behind if they don’t educate themselves about marketing cloud computing. During the past decade there has been a massive migration to the cloud that cannot be ignored or stopped. Small to medium businesses have particularly achieved huge cost savings from this widespread adoption of cloud services.

Decline of On-Premise Managed Services

The on-premise managed services market is already over-crowded with players. Add to that problem that more and more businesses are moving to the cloud, partly to free themselves from desktops. Thanks to the cloud, it’s becoming possible for businesses to avoid investing in hardware. The cloud can also provide enormous savings on software licensing.

The main reasons businesses are flocking to the cloud are to achieve greater productivity and cost efficiency. It also frees managers from worrying about downtime and data loss. Cloud providers use elaborate recovery plans and automatic generators when power goes down. Since the cloud solution is much more secure against disaster than local servers, businesses are gravitating toward it to bypass hardware and software costs.

One of the worst things imaginable for any business is downtime longer than a day. This scenario is still possible for companies using local servers. Another reason the on-premise managed services model is eroding is that financial analysts realize that it’s unnecessary to keep investing in hardware when a cloud provider can do a better job at it for much lower costs. However, keep in mind that cloud servers can have their own disadvantages. But compared to local servers, it would be comparatively lesser and easily rectifiable. For example, with breaches becoming more severe and numerous, organizations can rely on cloud-architected solutions, such as those provided by companies like Saviynt Inc., to control access, protect important assets, and minimize security risks. This is not the case for a local server. When a problem arises, it takes inhumane time to find the problem and then find a solution for it.

Why the Cloud Works Better

Cloud computing works better for businesses that rely on Internet traffic. It’s ideal for companies that use document management software like File Center ( to deliver products in a digital file format. But the truth is, the cloud can help any business cut costs and run more smoothly. A business with remote access doesn’t even need to have a physical headquarters. The entire business can be run on remote devices.

The cloud is a seamless experience that involves passwords to login and access company files. Almost every business operation imaginable can be executed with online tools. All electronic communications, for example, can be integrated through the cloud. Many businesses are cutting their phone bills using VoIP. They can connect directly with customers using customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Another huge benefit of the cloud is that it allows for team collaboration. Several staff members can work on the same project using the same application at the same time. The cloud allows for more powerful possibilities with software, since you can test applications before committing to them.

Avoiding Disaster

Businesses that have experienced data loss or damage from a disaster understand why such events must be prevented. Some of the main causes of technological failures are employee errors, which is another reason why businesses are switching to the cloud. They want to put more focus on what they do best than to worry about technology.

Local servers pose the most risk for disaster, especially if they are all located on-premise. The best solutions are data centers, like those on this page, that have servers located in more than one place. By letting the cloud provider take care of security and disaster recovery issues, the business can spend more time on its own goals.

In many ways, the cloud is safer than on-premise architecture. The cloud provider has round the clock tech support professionals who constantly monitor networks. The likelihood of downtime with a quality cloud provider is near zero, whereas local solutions may raise unanswered questions.

All-In-One Platform

One of the greatest advantages to the cloud is that it’s an all-in-one platform. That means you can access all your work in one place. Administrators will have access to customer and employee data to evaluate marketing and management efforts. All your applications can be integrated into the infrastructure without compatibility issues.

The cloud is simply easy to use and doesn’t require much training. Deployment to the cloud usually doesn’t take long with minimal disruption. In the old days, lost, misplaced or damaged files in storage units added extra hassles to business. The cloud allows you to keep track of every file with instant access and less wasted time on searches.

Once your business is in the cloud, you won’t have to worry if your San Diego IT support team is doing its job backing up or testing data. The cloud provider has its own data center and disaster recovery plan to make sure that your data is as safe as possible.


As the cloud continues to become the home for businesses of all sizes, it’s important for IT providers to include the cloud in their marketing offerings. Many companies are cutting budgets as much as possible, which is a top attraction for cloud computing. Learn about the cloud as much as possible, since it can be an extension of your solutions as an MSP. If you don’t want to go extinct, then it’s time to make a change!

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