Have MSPs Become Disillusioned With Syndicated Marketing Providers?

disullisionedAn Observable Trend

MSP marketing is in constant flux, changing with the times. A very important change that has hit this market in recent years has to do with a shift in content production from syndicated content to directly produced, original content. There’s a reason MSPs are continuously firing syndicated blog providers. Syndicated blogs don’t have the same effect. Marketing value on the Internet doesn’t come through content that has been subject to duplication. While this was the “general wisdom” of yesteryear, today it is generally acknowledged that syndicated blogs just don’t provide the substantive benefits assumed.


The difficulty comes in transitioning to a more effective option. As it turns out, most marketing options for MSPs don’t offer anything but a syndicated blog. This means companies looking to branch out must either find an SEO consultant that’s local, or do it themselves. The latter option is surely intolerable. Maintaining a blog on a weekly — or even a monthly — basis soon becomes a big hassle. The blog must be approved by those within the company, and it is generally going to be written by persons who haven’t had any previous experience writing blogs. Additionally, individuals writing material are no longer being properly productive as pertains to that MSP’s general operational model. Instead of being able to provide technical managed service solutions, certain employees are relegated to brainstorming content that will draw in a readership. They may be successful, they probably won’t be.

Meanwhile, local SEO individuals don’t know or understand the IT industry. If they strike out on their own, they’ll probably either misrepresent the company or the services provided by it. After a few failed launch attempts, whoever has been commissioned locally to write your SEO will likely end up contacting you or those who are working with their company in order to figure out what should be written. It’s like you’re doing the work yourself again. Sure, you don’t have to commit to the actual writing, but you give the writer the ideas, you hold that writer’s hand throughout the entire process, and the time lost helping this individual can’t really be recouped. Adding additional work (with a low chance of any ROI) to your MSP team will ultimately decrease efficiency and consistency in normative operational systems. By going the local option, the same losses occur through dint of necessary management. It’s easy to see why syndicated blogs have been recommended! But since they’re losing effectivity, what is the serviceable option?

Three Conditions

As it turns out, the market is demanding a solution for this void, and there are businesses which have come together to fill that vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum, and this principle seems constant even in the corporate world. As a result, some businesses have branched out from a previous core of MSP services. Knowing what Managed Service Providers require as pertains to blog content beforehand, MSP marketing services can ultimately offer a ROI-rich solution which has some substance to it. The key here is finding the right solution. There are definitely some MSP content providers who are really just glorified local techies with a laptop. In order to ensure you get the best content for your money, there are a few things to take into account.

Firstly, you’re looking for a venerated process of content production that involves complete transparency and is defined by an agency who works with you directly. Common steps to expect in this process are:

• Brainstorming
• Content creation
• Keyword optimization
• Publication
• Promotion
• Guest blogging

The ideas for the content are brainstormed based on your needs as an MSP. The content is created from here and optimized in such a way that it will be more likely to show up in the primary Search Engine Results Page (SERP) upon publication. But those things in themselves just aren’t enough. There needs to be continuous promotion as well. Finally, guest blogging puts your thoughts on a prominent blog with high traffic, making it more accessible to potential clients. Usually social media is an integral promotional tool, and goes hand-in-hand with guest blogging.

The second thing you’re looking for is testimonials. You should be able to find valid testimonials pertaining to a content agency that is producing top-tier work. The longer they’ve been around, the more testimonials they’re likely to have.

Finally, that brings us to the third thing which should be taken into account: longevity of service. Given the current market, you’re looking for an MSP blog organization that’s been working for more than 10, 000 hours.

Increasing Your Online Presence

MSP marketing options provided by a company specifically generating content designed to promote Managed Service Providers will result in higher ROI than internal solutions or local, non-professional SEO content producers. But three things which should inform your agency decision are transparency in the content creation process, testimonials, and organizational longevity.

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IT MarketingDavid has 10,000 hours of experience with MSP marketing in the IT industry, including his current position as Marketing Director at MSP SEO Factory. He also speaks at IT marketing trade shows, is a sales trainer for major IT companies, and is a published author with an upcoming book titled ‘Stratospheric Marketing Secrets for Generating Sales Leads’.