A Lesson in IT Marketing, Courtesy of a Disney Classic

ladyandtrapThere is a lot that you can learn from movies, especially Disney movies. When you think about a Disney movie, though, you probably think about kids, you think about animation, great stories, and so on. The last thing that you probably think about is IT marketing. Believe it or not, though, there are lessons that can be learned in the information technology marketing space simply by watching a Disney movie.

The Disney movie in question here is Lady and the Tramp, one of the most classic Disney movies of all time. Watching this movie back with my young children, I immediately began to see the connection that this movie could have to the marketing of something such IT services. This may sound far-fetched at first, but the connection exists if you look a little bit more closely.

Managed Service Providers and Lady and the Tramp

Think back to Lady and the Tramp and the scene in the movie where the two of them are working to get a muzzle off Lady. As a managed service provider, this is exactly what you have to do when you are going through an IT marketing exercise. The work that Tramp did in this scene to try and help Lady is the same type of work a managed service provider should be doing in order to get their company the attention that it deserves.

Get the Attention of Your Audience

The first thing that you need to do as a managed service provider is to get the attention of your target audience. The Tramp had to do just this in the scene that we are talking about here. The beaver was busy in this scene working away, but the Tramp was not about to give up.

The first tactic that the Tramp attempted to do was to go with a polite approach to getting the attention of the beaver. The beaver was a bit reluctant at first, not wanting to give the time of day to Tramp so that the beaver could continue his work.

As a managed service provider, this is going to happen when you work to try and get your company out there to your target audience at first glance. You are going to get rejected out of the gate more times than you are going to be successful.

Tramp then realizes an opening with the beaver after getting to know it a bit more and figures out a way to break the communication barrier down and get the attention that was sought after.

Garner Interest

Once the attention of the beaver was obtained, it was time for Tramp to get the beaver’s interest. This was all with the intent of helping Lady with the muzzle. This happens in the movie by allowing the beaver to see the benefit that he was going to be able to get out of actually taking the action that is being presented.

As a managed service provider, you try to get attention and then you garner interest. When you have the interest of a potential client, this is when you want to pull the trigger and get the action to take place.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Garnering interest means that you have the attention of someone, in this case, the beaver, who wants to take part in a certain act. Getting the action to happen and sealing the arrangement is the next piece of the puzzle. A managed service provider needs to do this as it is very different to get interested from a client and to actually get them to take action and sign on the dotted line.

Think back to Lady and the Tramp the next time that you are walking through a typical IT marketing plan. There are so many examples just like this in several Disney movies out there where there are deals and arrangements being made that spawn out of getting attention, garnering interest, and facilitating and pursuing action to be taken. This movie has a great example with the scene with the beaver, Lady, and the Tramp and the way it all comes together — it can happen for you too, as you push your IT services.

David Walter
MSP SEO Factory
Austin, TX

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davidDavid has 16 years of experience in MSP marketing for the IT industry, including his current position as Marketing Director at MSP SEO Factory. He also speaks at IT marketing trade shows, is a sales trainer for major IT companies, and is a published author with an upcoming book titled ‘Stratospheric Marketing Secrets for Generating Sales Leads’.