MSPs, This Is How Marketing to Law Firms Is Done!

IT Support DallasWhen your MSP marketing efforts land you a law firm as a client, you have struck gold. Lawyers are excellent clients since they have lucrative careers and they can be very loyal over the long term. If your business only deals with law firms, the rewards can be substantial. Here are ways to attract the attention of lawyers to help grow your marketing portfolio.

Focus on Decision Makers

There are a lot of lawyers in America, and most of which practice law privately. While there are plenty of firms that work for non-profit organizations, corporations and the government, you may find the best luck with small to medium firms employing under 100 attorneys. That’s because the bigger the company, the more likely they either have their own IT or they are locked into long-term agreements.

Whatever firms you approach, stay focused on meeting with decision makers. Remember that not all law firms are the same, as many specialize in certain areas of either civil or criminal cases. Some may concentrate on defense while others mainly prosecute or sue parties. Some are consultants while others provide representation in court.

Keep in mind that many law firms are not structured like typical businesses that have CEOs or Presidents at the top. In the case of partnerships, there may be several managers who share decision making. A “senior partner” does not necessarily mean seniority, as it commonly refers to someone who has been with the firm a long time. Associates work under managing partners. Find out who hires outsourced services then schedule a meeting.

Be Aware of Influencers

Law firms with multiple partners that outsource services may assign different types of responsibilities to different partners. One might be in charge of hardware while another handles software and another oversees marketing. Find out who the influencers are who give recommendations to decision makers for working with third parties. Ask if the firm makes committee decisions, or if they know How To Improve Your Avvo Rating and to achieve key targets towards this.

Present Legal Testimonials

A big advantage to targeting law firm managers in your MSP marketing is that they tend to read everything sent to them. So compile testimonials of your best clients about your services with an emphasis on how quality IT keeps them out of court. Businesses that do not have a grip on security or backup and recovery strategies can face huge losses in lawsuits. So use that fact in your marketing, emphasizing that your company pays close attention to legal matters surrounding IT services.

Communicate By Email

A big part of an attorney’s job is spent on a mobile phone. The most likely way to initiate contact with an attorney is either by email or social media. Many lawyers are always on call, so they pay close attention to their phones. Even when they are out of the office, they check messages constantly. But that doesn’t mean they have time to take your cold call, so focus on email for your initial contact.

Get Involved with Events for Attorneys

Attorneys work together in teams and hang out with each other in communities. Tap into these gatherings either by sponsoring, attending or creating events. You may first want to attend a legal conference to get a feel for the jargon and the firm’s communication style. Then you will gain credibility by letting lawyers know you’ve attended conferences, which could earn you a position on a panel at the next event.

One of the ways to break into legal circles is to visit your local LMA (or Legal Marketing Association). You can also figure out how to create an event for a law group by partnering with an entertainer. If anything, that will help you establish contacts and find out who are the decision makers and influencers.

Invite Lawyers to Golf

Lawyers often spend their leisure time on golf courses. So figure out how you can connect with them on the golf course. You might create a small tournament or offer them a friendly private game of golf. Another idea is host your own IT showcase at a golf country club. Then let participants have the option of playing golf if they want. You do have an advantage when playing the game with decision makers, when they are in a more upbeat mood.


However you communicate with lawyers, make sure it’s in the style of fact-filled logic. That’s a major key to tapping into the way they already think. Make every point count, as if your services were on trial. Remember that lawyers appreciate expertise. The most important point to absorb in your MSP marketing with law firms is to establish relationships.

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