You Will Kiss a Lot of Frogs If Telemarketing Is Your MSP Marketing Strategy!

msp marketingCreating an effective MSP marketing strategy may seem like an impossible challenge. However, with a bit of information, you will find that locating and nurturing leads doesn’t have to be an impossible task. The first step is to learn why Internet marketing is a much better strategy to pursue than traditional telemarketing.

The Woes of Traditional Telemarketing

When you spend your time with telemarketing, you will find yourself “kissing frogs.” This means, simply, you are wasting your valuable time meeting with prospects that are just not interested in what you have to offer. While it may be possible to acquire some IT sales leads a bit faster, these are not typically going to be the prospects that have an urgent pain or need. Instead, you will be speaking with someone who is merely willing to listen and learn about the IT services you offer. In this arrangement, it can take you as much as six months to a year to nurture these leads by building a massive rapport before you even have a slight chance to close the deal.

You also have to consider that millions of people have registered on the opt-out list to avoid these unwanted sales calls. This, along with the fact that most modern companies have layers in place to protect the “decision maker” from sales calls, and your telemarketing efforts are — almost always — going to fall flat.

There has to be a Better Way…

The good news is that yes, there is a better way to find, nurture and close leads. Internet marketing may take a few months to gain that initial ranking, but when you achieve this position, you will receive IT leads from prospects that have an immediate pain and need.

This type of Internet lead is almost as good as receiving a direct referral.

Creating an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is not something that an MSP marketing professional should jump into head first. Without a plan in place, they may find their efforts are as ineffective as the old-timey telemarketing efforts. Creating a plan and strategy is the best way to have success with this effort.

Internet marketing is about creating value and capturing leads. In most cases, leads are captured via an email signup list. The question is — how do you get potential, interested individuals to sign up?

The first step is to determine the pain or need that the leads you want have. Once this is done, you will know what your value proposition is. In addition to determining your value proposition, you also need to optimize your landing page, utilize multichannel interactions, initiate follow-up emails and create newsletters that educate your prospects that deliver relevant offers to these leads and encourage conversion.

Whew…that sounds like a lot just to gain a new lead; however, compared to telemarketing you will find these steps lead to a conversion up to three times faster. This is because you aren’t soliciting these people over the phone — they are coming to you. Internet marketing is all about being available and offering potential customers something they need and want.

Is This Effective for Any Industry?

When done properly, Internet marketing can be effective for any business, in any industry, and of any size. The key here is to do it right.

You cannot take shortcuts or try to skip a step in the process. One way that telemarketing and Internet marketing are similar is that regardless of which option you choose, you have to be willing to put in time and nurture the lead. While this can sound like quite a bit of work, it is well worth it since you are finding leads who are already interested in what you have to offer. The process of “convincing” them to bite is much easier since they are already considered a qualified lead.

The Bottom Line

Internet marketing and telemarketing are both strategies that can help you find new leads. However, if you are an MSP marketing professional who wants to gain new leads that are interested in converting, then Internet marketing is the best option. Creating an effective strategy will lead to more conversions than telemarketing for any business, regardless of size or industry.

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