An Article a Day Keeps Your SEO and MSP Marketing Health in Check

MSP MarketingKeeping The Machine Running

SEO content marketing works very similar to an engine in a car from yesteryear. When older carburetor engines were the norm, many would be “cold-natured”. Basically, this meant you’d have to pump the gas and rev the engine a little when you started up so that the machine under the hood could get properly warmed up. If you began driving without doing this, then it’s likely your engine would be slightly damaged.

Nowadays, a cold start doesn’t usually happen unless the weather’s not being amenable. The machine of the engine has been optimized technologically to be more proficient; but even in the vehicles of today, a machine that isn’t regularly maintained breaks down over time. Hoses deteriorate, leaks occur, components loosen. A car left by itself in a field will deteriorate into a rusty heap without proper, daily attention. The same can be said about a blog that isn’t updated every day. Like the car, regular periodic maintenance must occur, or the engine will cease to function.

An Apple a Day

You can liken this relationship to your own body. If you give your body the bare minimum, it will function for a while before it breaks down; but you’re encouraging the breakdown to happen earlier. An apple a day does keep the doctor away, though it isn’t strictly necessary. Your body will function without the necessary supplements; it’s just got a shorter run-time.

Your blog will function without regularly being optimized on a daily basis, but it will continually lose views until it is the blog equivalent of a run-down hunk of metal in a field; just like the body who hasn’t had its daily apple won’t be nearly so healthy in later years. Daily blogging builds awareness. Daily updates increase visibility. New daily content is also useful, and after several years of creation, it facilitates a supply of information readily available to clients, and in a perpetual way.

The Nuts And Bolts: Tips And Tricks From 2016 On Maintaining SEO

Before launching your webpage, make a checklist and ensure that you follow through. Following is a checklist worthy of consideration, condensed from

  • Page load speed
  • Website audit (integral)
  • Contemporary keyword discovery (research)
  • Targeted buyer personas
  • Browse related searches (to differentiate between successful and unsuccessful approaches)

The speed at which your page loads can be crucial in determining the effectiveness of your SEO outreach. The site should load quickly, and make the reader wait as little as possible. has a monitoring tool you can use to ensure your site is up to snuff. Once you’re sure the speed is where it should be, then it’s time to run your site through the marketing grader on Results should be downloaded and kept for reference in the future. When that’s done, be sure and catalog current optimization efforts at IT lead generation. This allows you to tell whether or not any progress has been made in your efforts at optimizing your SEO protocols.

Metrics Consideration

Three search engine optimization categories you’ll want to watch include the number of Total Unique Visitors, your Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate, and your Lead-to-Customer conversion rate. You’re going to want to see these numbers grow. You should be sure to calculate these metrics on a monthly basis. It’s hard to quantify ROI (Return On Investment) with SEO, because like working out or eating healthy, results take time. An apple a day will keep the doctor away, but if you start eating that daily apple when you’re already pushing 400 pounds, this procedure may not help immediately.

Realistic Considerations 

If your optimization practices aren’t concerned with keyword web optimization, if they’re not generating leads, if you aren’t regularly updating your blog with a daily article, then you’re not going to have the same effect in the market. It’s like the 400 pound gentleman expecting a single daily apple to totally get back in shape. It can’t happen unless it happens in conjunction with other proactive steps. SEO effectiveness will greatly benefit from an article written every day, but without following metrics closely, the effect of those articles may not be fully realized. If you eat a bad apple every day, will it keep the doctor away? If you send several keywords through a content generator, is it really going to generate good content?

When Search Engine Optimization Is Properly Compiled, It Rises Like Cream

Google has a new and elaborate algorithm which allows it to parse through content and identify that which is unique, original, and non-spun. Such content is now boosted to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), where before it may have required non-algorithmic means to become known. If you’re producing good content that matches your demographic and increases readership, continuing to do so every day will yield quantifiable ROI-increase, and demonstrate effective SEO practices.


davidDavid Walter is Executive Manager of MSP Knowledge. He has 16 years of experience in MSP Marketing for the IT industry. David has experience in direct marketing, Internet marketing, article writing, IT lead generation, and he speaks at IT marketing trade shows, webinars. He was sales trainer for major IT companies. And he is a published author, the title of his latest book is ‘Stratospheric Marketing Secrets’.