Recording Is the Best Way to Track Your IT Sales People’s Presentations!

IT Consulting San DiegoWhen it comes to IT sales, a favorite tool for many marketing managers is the dashboard. While this tool is beneficial in providing insight regarding the performance of sales reps, in some cases, there is simply no substitute for actually listening to phone recordings. When paired with specific objectives, reps can gain a significant amount of insight into marketing and sales efforts, without ever violating their prospects’ trust.

Why Sales Call Recording is a Good Idea

Unfortunately, there are a number of sales people who don’t follow a company’s marketing guidelines. Regardless of whether they utilize the strategy used by everyone in the business or one developed by an MSP sales consultant, the guidelines and strategies are ignored. Also, it is not unusual for some Machiavellian salespeople to utilize the sales leads you have received to promote another company or to begin their own managed services company.

Keeping Sales People On-Task

If you require that all your sales representatives automatically record their sales presentation, then you can eliminate the potential of subverting the leads of the company by making sure they are utilizing the given sales methods when reviewing the recordings. You will also feel confident that these duplicitous sales people would never try to open a pitch to your competition, or to start their own business since every word would be recorded.

Overcoming Excuses

In many cases, you may discover that your sales people are going to begin finding excuses not to record their calls. The most common excuse for a sales person failing to record a presentation is that the prospect refused the meeting to continue while being recorded. The fact is; however, this is an extremely rare issue. The best way that a company can stop this excuse from sidelining the recording strategy is to make it a rule that only recorded presentations are given.

This means that you instruct all your IT sales representatives to inform the prospects that this is part of the process that must be followed as directed by HR management. Make it a hard rule that they are not allowed to make a presentation without recording it, and make sure to not allow any exceptions to this.

Securing the Executive and Management Support

There are few business executives that are going to deny the benefit of making sure that your employees don’t do something that is inappropriate during these sales calls. After all, this may trigger a lawsuit, which would be detrimental to the entire company. However, it is best to instruct the sales representatives, as well as executives and managers, that any prospect that is adamant about not being recorded is not pitched.

This is a policy that will help to put a complete end to the excuse the prospect didn’t want to have the call recorded.

Overcoming Other Potential Problems

There is another way that some sales representatives may try to prevent themselves from being recorded. This is to “lose” the recording device that was given to them. The best way to avoid this situation and providing sales people another excuse to intentionally tank the program is to warn that any employee that loses the recorder is at risk of being fired.

In most cases, if you go this route, you can weed out the sales people who may have nefarious intentions. You will be left with the individuals who want to learn your company’s marketing system and who are dedicated to following the rules. After you have a baseline of recordings for your sales representatives, you can begin to sit down with them to discuss ways to improve their process. Over time, this will benefit the sales representative, as well as your company.

The Bottom Line

While you may meet a bit of resistance from some sales people when you first introduce mandatory recording of sales pitches, in the long run, it will be in the best interest of the business. Taking the time to implement the advice here will help ensure you not only have honest and hard-working IT sales representatives on your team, but that they are dedicated to helping your business succeed, rather than their own gains. Keeping this in mind can help any business succeed.


Robert Naragon

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