We use Traps in our IT Appointment Setting Process!

11499769_sWhen I watched the Revenant I became impressed with the way Leonardo’s character was able to fend for himself even though being severely injured.

At one point he made a funnel fish trap with stones that forced fish to swim into his trap.

It was at that moment when I realized our IT appointment setting process employed a trap aswell.

The Need for a Trap

In the sales and IT marketing game the words people use can often be taken many different ways.  Of course, normally the words consumers are using project that fear for commitment and desire to be left alone.  You see in retail sales and really for that matter any type of sales the prospect usually feel that if that receive help from salesman that they will be committed to purchase the product.

This is why in a retail environment it’s common to hear customers telling the sales people that they are, “Just looking.”  This is the normal response when a salesman asked to prospect if they can provide them any help.  The same thing happens with IT appointment setting when an agent is successfully at building interest in a prospect mind but fails to close face-to-face meeting because the prospect says they just want information sent so they can review it  by themselves.

You see in both scenarios potential buyers are terrified by the idea of letting a retail salesperson show them merchandise or having a face-to-face salesman make a presentation.  Once again this is because they believe they will feel indebted to the helpful salesperson.  Understanding, the powerful sense of fear these potential buyers are under when they have a discussion with  a salesperson should help us understand why we need traps.  Ultimately the majority of business professionals would never consciously set up a meeting with a sales and marketing representative unless they fell into a trap.

How I Discovered Word Snares

It was during the time I was working in my first retail job selling men’s wear when I noticed the pattern that repeated over and over everyday.  Customers would walk into the store and sales people would approach them and ask if they could help them.  Then the buyers would say no thanks we are just looking.  For the reason outlined above, we know these shoppers are afraid that when they let a salesperson help them they will feel obligated to buy.  If this is true then why don’t we suggest taking the pressure off so you can eliminate the fear of commitment.

That is a great idea and one that I also advocate for; but you still need a powerful transition to create an opening to relieve the pressure. This is when I discovered the word snare or trap that allows you to lure prospects to step into by using properly guided language.  You see I took advantage of the existing pattern because it was a discussion where I knew exactly what the shoppers responses were going to be ahead of time.  My goal was to actually entice these potential buyers to say, “I am just looking”.  The power of this word trap lay in my interpretation of the statement to mean that they wanted me to show them all the merchandise!!!!!

As soon as they would say the appropriate response I would grab them by the arm and say, “great let me show you our amazing sales”! This always caught these wary customers off guard and I could tell by the shocked expression on their faces.  Of course, I would eliminate the pressure by explaining my philosophy about retail shopping.  I would tell them that I knew every inch of the store along with all the merchandise.  This knowledge would allow me to size them up and show them the best of what our store had to offer.  Next I would inform them that my policy was to tear out all the merchandise they wanted to try on and that it was impossible to offend me if they decided not to buy anything!

This technique worked like a charm because the shoppers felt free to let me help them and suddenly had no reservation about trying on everything I showed them.  This strategy lead to me becoming the number one salesperson in that company!

What Does This Have To Do With IT Marketing?

You see it was the above experience that allowed me to developed the ideal word snare to capture more IT sales leads for managed services providers and cloud computer providers.  Of course, our IT appointment setting process works much like the river fish trap seen in the movie Revenant because we have to block every possible escape route for prospect’s objections.  Of course, we leave one opening exposed so it looks like their path to escape our call along and avoid any possible commitment.  This word trap is a commonly raised objection that is so powerful it normally does allow prospects to get away.  We encourage this objection because this is where we have carefully place our marketing IT services trap.

The Bottom Line

Of course, I am not going to reveal the exact way we trap prospects with our IT appointment setting process.  However, you should ask yourself if your current telemarketing company is brilliant enough to employ traps like the one I developed in the retail industry and perfected in the MSP marketing game.  Most likely, if you’re honest with yourself, you will have to admit that your current marketing provider is using brute force by trying to force people to set face-to-face meetings.  If you want to generate more IT sales leads then abandon firms that employ force and test the waters with a telemarketing firm that actually uses stategy and employs traps!

You can also learn about these secrets in my upcoming book, Stratospheric Marketing Secrets for generating sales leads!


David Walter

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