How can you Handle IT Appointment Setting Deniers?

40373895_sIf you’re an MSP provider that has been aggressive about marketing your company then you have used an IT appointment setting firm.

This means that you have most likely walked into a sales meeting only to be stopped by your prospect and told they never set a meeting.

Of course, this is frustrating but is there a way to salvage these denied meetings?

Avoid a Knee Jerk Reaction

Most likely your first reaction will be to think of many swear words you would like to use when speak with the telemarketing company that set up this opportunity. While I would agree that there are many cold callers that are short sighted often do set up completely bogus meetings it’s not always the cause for these IT appointment setting deniers.

The truth is that many executives absolutely detest getting cold called and are ready to throw the telemarketing representative under the bus. This means that in many cases the decision makers actually did set up a meeting in good faith and the calling agent has done nothing wrong. The only conclusion you can draw from this situation is that the prospect is lying.
In other cases, these deniers are nothing more than disorganized managers that have lost track of the appointment and don’t want to admit the truth…

How I Tackled This Issue

Years ago when I was doing onsite sales training with our clients that paid for our IT appointment setting services in Las Vegas we confronted an appointment denier. Of course, we recorded all our calls and I had reviewed all the recordings of the meets we had set for my sales training visit with our clients. I didn’t have to guess is it was a short sighted calling rep that set up a bogus meeting so I knew it was either a disorganized manager or lying executive.

The first thing I did was acknowledge that the prospects felt we had showed up unexpectedly and sympathize with their frustration of dealing with a cold caller that set up a meeting against their will.

Next I tried to find common ground by verifying that our visit didn’t happen out of completely mystery because they do remember speaking with our representative about the possibility of setting up a meeting.

Once they agree then I go right back into a sales presentation mode by reiterating some of the benefits the callers should have talked about during their conversation. I like to go through some of these benefits and features so it jogs their memory about why they probably did actually agreed with the IT appointment setting process.

At this point I told this prospect that I knew we didn’t have the time we originally thought to give a full blown presentation; but would it be possible for us to just give you a taste of what we have to offer in a few minutes and then reset to finish later on.
Of course, the defining moment is when I actually stepped into the doorway of this office and begin walking inside the building. This is when the denying prospect relented by stepping back and walking with me towards their conference room. Most likely this executive was the disorganized manager that allowed the IT sales meeting to slip his mind and has now remembered.

The Takeaway

Of course, you can use my technique to try to overcome IT appointment setting deniers and keep using the broken cold calling technique. Stop and ask why are you’re going to keep running the risk of upsetting decision makers by cold calling them and having them pretend to set up a meeting to waste your time. When you could realize like I did that cold calling is a broken process that is better replaced by the ‘warm’ calling concept. Warm calling means you send an expensive mailer that contains a sticky message to a preselected list and allows you to get about a 20 percent conversion to appointments.


David Walter

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