Another IT Provider Fires Their Syndicated Marketing Company!

11597716_sIn a recent conversation with an IT provider I discovered they had just fired their syndicated marketing vendor.

When I asked which MSP vendor they had fired the VP of sales decided to keep her lips sealed.

The burning question I will answer is: Why did they fire the company, and what did they replace them with?

You’re Fired

As I was talking with the VP of sales of a prominent cloud provider, I just happened to look at the blog on their website.  That’s when I discovered they had a syndicated article vendor.  This is when I begin to ask her about how they handled their internet marketing and she didn’t really want to discuss the issue.  Therefore it was apparent there was some animosity lurking behind this delicate issue.  When I did press her for more information that’s when she told me that they did have a syndicated article writing company that also took care of their social media marketing and sent out a newsletter.

She told me that after they gave this IT marketing firm plenty of time they failed to ever get them any good sales leads, so they just fired them.  That’s when I inquired as to what they were going to replace this failed vendor’s services with and that is when she told me that she was going to write original articles herself going forward.  Of course, when I tried to drill her for the name of the vendor that was unable to deliver the leads they expected, she clammed up.

The Market is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

This call was not the only MSP that is ditching their syndicated marketing firm in favor of original article writing.  In fact, I have spoken to at least four other IT providers this month that have all expressed major dissatisfaction with syndicated content vendors.  Of course, many of them are turning back to telemarketing services providers like MSP Knowledge.  However, many are going to try to do the same thing the the VP of sales I was talking with is going to resort to and that is writing their own original content.  More and more computer support companies are realizing that these type of services have absolutely no SEO value and when you send out this duplicate content on social media and through a newsletter that it can’t establish you as a thought leader.

The problem with deciding to become your own original content provider is that it’s extremely difficult to come up with creative and original ideas in the first place.  Second, even if you were a brilliantly creative person, which most IT consultant would admit they are not, it would still be extremely difficult to actually put the time aside to write these creative non duplicate content for your website.  I see many IT marketing website that have two or three original post but the only issue is that they were posted years ago which means they started with the best of intentions but were just unable to follow through.

The Takeaway

With the sea change in the internet marketing game for IT marketing coming it’s critical that you realize that you also need to make a switch to coming up with original content for your website.  However, even more important is recognizing your limitations so that you don’t waste precious time trying to be your own article writer.  Therefore it’s imperative that you look for a professional company that has specific experience in the managed services industry writing articles that prove the Google algorithm likes and promotes their content to the top ranked status.  I highly recommend MSP SEO Factory as just such an original marketing content provider for MSPs!



David Walter

David Walter is the Marketing Director at MSP SEO Factory, a company providing IT marketing to businesses in the United States. Their expertise is creating MSP marketing ideas and turning them into original, optimized blog posts. Their process involves in-depth brainstorming, thorough editing, and effective promotion of fresh and unique articles for their MSP Business clients. He has 17 years experience in marketing for the IT industry, as well as experience in direct MSP marketing, internet marketing, article writing. David speaks at trade shows, webinars and is a sales trainer for major IT companies. He is also a published author; his latest book is Stratospheric Lead Generation Secrets.