The Danger Of Cloud Migrations Can Affect Your MSP Marketing!

9712918_sMany computer consultants are still standing on the sidelines wringing their hands over the decision to market the cloud.

While other MSPs have started their marketing and rushed into performing their first cloud migration without being aware of the dangers.

Why is performing cloud migrations such a risky affair?

Create A Test Environment

Probably the most common error that a new cloud provider can make in the migration process is not making a proper inventory of all the applications that the customer wants to move to the cloud.  Obviously, an unknown application might not be compatible and cause some major problems when you go live.  Of course, it’s critical to run all the applications in a test environment before you ever make any promises to a prospect that you won’t be able to keep.  If you fail to test all the applications then the danger exist that your migration will fail and futher poison the cloud marketing environment.

Speed Matters

Another common mistake that rambunctious IT providers often make it forgetting to check the speed of the end users internet connection to ensure that they won’t experience any slowness or lag when accessing their data.  Slowness in the cloud environment is probably the number one complaint that users make and this issue has the rest of the market paralyzed with fear!  The last thing you want to do is rush into a migration without first checking their ISP speed and making a sound recommendation to upgrade when necessary.  If you don’t take this precaution then you will ultimately lose the customer if they experience slowness and this will only add fuel to the fears about cloud computing.

Track All the Data

Probably the most thorny issue an MSP can face after a botched migration is a customer complaining about lost data!  In fact, this is one of the complaints I hear most when conducting marketing calls.  This is the one issue that you can’t bounce back from and is usually caused by poor preparation.  Before you ever think about transitioning a business into the cloud it’s imperative that you track down all their data and emails.  If you fail to take this critical step it possible that you might not move all their data into the cloud and this just opens you up to an extremely dangerous outcome… lost data!

Give Yourself Time

Ultimately no matter how well you prepare the reality is that every implementation is unique and has it’s own potential dangers lurking for the unsuspecting computer business owner.  Normally these are technology issues that can be resolved given enough time and usually are the result of a poorly manged network that contains a virus or other malicious issues.  The danger here lies in making a promise about how long the migration will take and risking that you might not be able to keep it.  Even if your migration is successful but you end up taking longer than promised then this will damage your image and might cause you to lose the customer.  Just remember to give yourself enough time, no matter how easy it ‘looks’, make sure to always tell prospects that it  will typically take up to 30 days.  This way you can under promise and over deliver when things go well but have enough time when you do encounter IT challenges.

The Take Away

The majority of the risk MSPs face from performing cloud migration center around not having a fully documented process.  To avoid these risk make sure to create a test environment so you can verify all their applications will work and function properly in the cloud.  In addition, make sure that you always evaluate the prospect internet speed to ensure they won’t experience slowness after the implementation.  Of course, the most important thing you can do to guarantee success is under promise and over deliver by giving yourself enough time for the cloud migration.  We really should all should work together to make sure that collectively we are not poisoning the marketing well as it were by making these mistakes!

David Walter

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