IT Providers Move to the Cloud or Lose on Time!

11304397_sIn chess you could be ahead on material and position and still lose on time if you delay making decisions during the entire game.

Of course, it’s often said that timing is everything and that couldn’t be more true about timing the market for switching to cloud computing.

I can tell you that there is still time on the clock but if IT providers delay marketing the cloud they could lose the entire game!

This is a Wake Up Call

When I first learned about cloud computing’s potential benefits it knocked me off my feet and I predicted that mass adoption would happen in a few years.  Of course, that was three years ago and mass adoption has still not happened as of the writing of this article.  However, I forgot to figure in how slow managed services providers are at making change themselves in general whether it’s implementing Quasal, Connect-Wise or any internal software change.  I also forgot to factor in MSP’s basic instinct to build their own technology solutions that would cause many IT provider to go to market with slow and expensive cloud services.  All of these factors have slowed down the timing of mass adoption of cloud computing.

Things Are Changing

There are bright spots as I am starting to see a handful of early adopters lower prices and speed up the the end users cloud desktop experience.  Some of these computer consultants are breaking out of the traditional market for the cloud by signing up architects and proving how robust the cloud environment can really be.  This means that the clock is starting to speed up but begs the question as to why there is a clock ticking in the first place.

Why the Timing Matters

I can see why many computer consultants feel no rush to time their switch to offering cloud services…  Many have been satisfied by just advertising that they offer the cloud only to frustrate prospects when they find out they don’t have a viable solution.  Of course, a lot of come lately IT providers adopted managed services and were still able to capture a big slice of the market in-spite of their delay.   However, the timing of a move to the cloud is completely different because learning to do migrations correctly and getting a few end users to become early adopters is much more difficult than it was with managed services.  Aslo, getting early testimonials is more essential to selling the cloud and the longer it takes you the further behind you fall in capturing the disappearing market share.

Potential Market Share is Disappearing

You see the major difference between the transition to managed services and the current market’s adoption of cloud computing is that managed services was still not a perfect solution and still left many businesses unsatisfied.  Amazingly, it was still possible to get decision makers to compare other IT providers.  However, the cloud adoption works differently as companies that try the cloud will either hate it or love it forever with the same vendor.  In other words, the first computer consultant that introduces a business to a solid cloud solution will probably stick with them for the long haul and not compare services from a johnny come lately to the cloud.  This is why I say that the cloud market share is disappearing.

The Take Away

In the end those computer business owners that delay could have the timer go off before they are able to transition their model to the cloud. Their delay will mean the market share of the cloud could have been completely gobbled up by the early adopters.  Even some of the IT providers that transitioned just before it was too late will still find it extremely difficult to compete with competitors that already have gotten their cost down with volume buying and have perhaps hundreds of happy testimonials from businesses in many different verticals.  Don’t let these dire prediction become a reality for your technology company…  If you resolve that there is a great cloud vendor that has already figured out all the angles and has an amazing price then you should search to find them.  Once you find this vendor then don’t drag out your decision making process and risk having the timer go off!


David Walter

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