Innovative Cloud Providers Must Have Advanced MSP Marketing Skills!

14345371_sIn the new economy the world will no longer beat a path to your doorstep simply because you made an amazing breakthrough with cloud technology.

There is a bewildering array of cloud providers all claiming to be the best but the average SMB only evaluates three or four proposals.

The reality is that businesses won’t find you – so you will have to develop advanced MSP marketing skills!

Businesses Can’t Find The One

Recently I spoke with the office manager of a law firm in Houston who told me that it was her intention to take everything to the cloud so they wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on a server refresh.  Normally, most small to medium sized law firms spend between $30,000 to $40,000 replacing all their server equipment.  Of course, this firm took the normal route that just about every SMB does by reaching out to a few firms that were referred to them and some that they stumbled upon on the internet.  They meet with many of these cloud providers and finally reviewed several of their proposal.  The final result was that they discovered the total cost of the cloud computing was going to be more expensive than replacing the hardware.

Of course, I am very familiar with most of the computer consultant that are top ranked on the internet with Houston cloud keywords and the ones that normally get recommended by referrals.  The vast majority of these technology companies have very high cost for cloud computing because they try to build out their own data centers or believe private cloud is superior to multi-tenant.  Many of these companies simply have not done their full research usually because they have ruled out some options because of ridiculous biases.  What ever the reason this law firm was not able to find the one cloud services provider that was that had innovated everything from improving the security, compliance, speed and even reducing the cost.

The One Innovative Cloud Provider Does Exist

The truth was that the company I represented on this call just happen to be the one cloud provider that had improved every single level of their services along with dropping their price down to compare with what traditional managed services providers charge.  I know that to be true because several months prior I documented the majority of MSP’s that claim to offer cloud services and contacted the majority of these to discover most don’t have the latest technology and their prices were over hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars per user.  The funny thing was that many advertised cloud services but when contacted admitted they had tried and failed and were still searching for a viable cloud solution.

I relayed all this information to this open minded office manager and then brought all my points together by telling her that in the new economy the companies that build a better mouse trap won’t be found by their customers.  The reality of today’s over crowded market is that the most innovative companies will also be the most advanced at MSP marketing so that they will find you with their overwhelming marketing prowess.   Then I asked if she had been impressed with the arsenal of marketing we had directed towards her, including my prospecting call?   She responded in the positive by indicating that she had indeed been impressed.  That’s when I told her that my client was the one innovative cloud provider and they had just found her through my call.  It was funny because she really liked the way I framed the issue and hammered home the point.

What You Should Extrapolate

The bottom line is that the days of just waiting around for prospects to beat a path to your door and discover your innovative cloud solutions are disappearing.  It’s simply not good enough to focus on improving your services deliver model and pricing in a vacuum.  In today’s new economy it’s incumbent upon the best to conduct the proper market research to verify they have the best of everything including price. However, that’s just the beginning as developing an advanced marketing plan that will overwhelm the market place is just as crucial.  The successful cloud provider will saturate the landscape and be the ones that find their prospects and not the other way around!  If you don’t have a brilliant MSP marketing strategy that can accomplish this then contact us at 210.758.4971 or visit our website!

David Walter

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