How Can You Strengthen the IT Appointment Setting Process?

Of c11650622_sourse, even the greatest cold calling efforts will still produce too many cancellation!

However, when you have the ‘warm calling’ concept in place and know not to confirm your IT sales leads, it’s still possible to end up with a few declined meetings.

Therefore, what rational steps can be taken to forge a better IT appointment setting process that can minimize this irksome problem?

Make Sure to Thank Prospects

While sending out email reminders and calling to confirm your IT leads will only lead to exacerbating the problem by creating more declined meetings it is perfectly acceptable to thank your prospects.  I am talking about sending out a thank you card to all your prospects that agreed to a face-to-face meeting.  Thank you notes are one of the few types of communications that will absolutely make it on the decision makers desk and will be opened.  You can take advantage of this fact and utilizes it as a form of a gentle reminder disguised as a simple thank not that also says you look forward to meeting them on so and so date and time.  This technique will not only serve as a reminder but will also build more rapport with your prospect before you even meet them.

Make the Salesman Real

One of the stratagems you can employ while still on the phone with a decision makers that has agreed to an appointment is to mention the name of the salesman they will meet with multiple times.  Just giving the prospect the name of the salesman goes a long way to help them appreciate that they will be meeting with a real person.  You should go even a futher by giving your contact more detailed information about the salesperson’s style or unique characteristic that make them both knowledgeable and likable.  This will make the conversation more memorable and build some anticipation in the mind of the prospect.  Even more, this will make the appointment itself more sticky and decrease the likelihood of them declining the meeting invitation in the future.  This is because it’s easier to decline a meeting with a nameless person that you don’t know anything about.  On the other had, most people are far more reluctant to back out of a commitment with someone they know!

Fill up the Salesman Calendar

The other way to lessen the downside of any possible last minute meeting cancellations its to fill up their calendar with at least three meeting per day and have several of the days run back to back.  This way even if you’re travelling to a distant location or another city you know that the odds of all three of your appointments canceling is against the odds.  This way even if two out of the three appointments do in fact decline your trip will not have been wasted since you will still have one productive meeting.  One way to get your meetings to cluster like this is to set aside certain days for appointments so that ensure to have multiple meetings on the same day.  Once you have mastered that you won’t need to rely on confirming meetings as you will confidence in the numbers!

Of course, booking up a salesman calendar is far easier said than done!  The reality is that the statistics for IT appointment setting project an extremely low volume of leads that would never cluster.  These statistics are based on the typical cold calling process and don’t apply to our unique ‘warm calling’ concept.   Our amazing process enables just one of our agents to book up to twenty or thirty appointments all for just one client in under a weeks time.  Now you can probably imagine being able to book up your MSP salesman’s calendar with uncanny telemarketing results like that!


Telemarketing will always have a certain amount of risk associated with it since you must rely on trusting people to keep their word about a possible meeting.  The good news is that normally we are dealing with professionals in industry that are far more likely to honor their agreements.  However, we can always improve the odds if we remember to thank our prospects by sending them a thank you card, make the salesman come alive in the mind of the prospect and take advantage of the numbers game by filling up the sales reps calendar.  Of course, this last technique is the one that’s proved most illusive for cloud services providers as many have difficulty securing even a handful of appointments much less a tsunami of meetings.  Therefore, I invite our readers to check out our website or even give us a call to learn how to fill up your IT sales pipeline with meetings that have been forged with fire and ice!


David Walter

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