How Can Jay Walking Positively Impact IT Marketing?

3581098_sThere is a phenomenon that happens when one person decides to jay walk among a group of pedestrians.

Just about everyone else that has patiently waited will suddenly illegally follow the jay walker into the crosswalk.

How could understanding this occurrence and harnessing its power make seismic waves with your IT marketing?


My Experience

Just the other day I was attending an event in down town San Antonio and as I was leaving a large group had congregated at a cross walk signal.  The don’t walk sign did seem to be taking forever to change and as we were all waiting one woman shouted out loud that she wasn’t going to wait any longer and strolled right into the cross walk illegally.  Suddenly as if everyone in the group was following a script they all followed her into the cross walk, even though the signal still flashed don’t walk.

The Source

I learned this secret from reading the book, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.  Of course, he illustrated this point by extrapolating trends from the number of suicides that occurred right after a major suicide was report on the media.  I encourage everyone reading this article to go out and get the book right away or download a copy from Amazon.  These types of events are called giving permission since many people need someone in their same situation to take the plunge and then they will automatically play follow the leader.

The Application

This concept has helped me give birth to the idea of permission based IT marketing for cloud providers.  The idea is to harness the power of people needing to ‘see’ other people in their field take the plunge by signing up for the cloud right before everyone’s eyes.  If you can unleash this concept you can cause a chain reaction among a professional group.  They will follow the example of the people in their group that take the first leap into cloud computing.

The Question

The million dollar question is how can a managed services provider or a cloud services provider orcastrait this amazing chain reaction so that everyone in your market eventually signs up for cloud services?  This is a secret that you will have to call me to discover more about how you much you can benefit from harnessing this powerful paradigm shift!


Don’t forget to go out and get a copy of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell because there is a virtual cornucopia of other counterintuitive ideas that could contribute to your IT marketing strategy.  Aslo, remember to give us a call here at MSP Knowledge because we have converted this concept into a fully realized marketing plan.  I guarantee that when you learn more about how this can dramaticly speed up the sales cycle it will blow your mind!


David Walter

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