Does Using Your Own Cloud or a Vendor’s Affect IT Marketing?

11495617_sThe majority of IT providers always lean towards coming up with their own solutions instead of outsourcing to vendors.

This runs contrary to the advice they give to end users when they advise businesses to focus on their core competency.

However, the choice to build your own cloud instead of using a vendor’s could dramatically affect your IT marketing!

Upfront Cost Can Be a Brick Wall

When a computer business owner decides to build their own cloud infrastructure they have just committed to massive upfront cost that will directly impede their IT marketing in several ways.  First the actual capital outlay for hardware will drain the budget for sales and marketing and this will dramatically limit your ability recoup your investment.  In addition, these large investments will force you to have large initial setup fees and long term contacts that will also scare away  potential cloud prospects.

Technology Limits

Most of the technology providers I have witnessed going down this path have come up with technology that is far behind the times in terms of what buyers want in with security, speed and price.  Often, there simply isn’t enough resources to become Hippa compliant or meet any of the international data center compliance standards.  These are issues that even the average small business owner wants to see checked off before they will consider moving their data into your cloud solution.  Furthermore, starting down the path of building your own cloud solution means that you will begin your journey with little or no volume buying power and will be forced to charge a higher price for your cloud offer. Aslo, you will stand littleor no chance of enhancing the speed of VDI when you build your own cloud and this can cause your sales to flat line. This is because the number one issues that end users will complain about is the speed of your cloud desktop

Use All Your Own Resources

Another point to consider is that when you go it alone as it were with building your own cloud you will have to use all your own resources which again will restrict you in many ways.  However, when you partner with a cloud vendor not only does this dramatically reduce the money you will need to invest but it allows you to piggy back on some of their marketing.  In addition, many of the smarter cloud vendors are investing MDF funds into the solutions providers that resale their services.  This means you can get a helping hand when it comes to investing in the crucial marketing to get the solution into your local market.  Often they will even go a step futher by assisting with the marketing strategy and providing access to marketing materials like end user videos that you can embed in your website.

The Bottom Line

When you look at the decision to build your own cloud or partner with a vendor through the lens of marketing – it should clear up the confusion.  Obviously you should spend more money on IT marketing to get your cloud business off the ground rather than tying up capital in costly data center infrastructure.  Why go it alone when you can have a partner that will help you develop a go-to-market strategy and contribute dollars to kick start the program.  I think this leaves no doubt that the smart path lies in partnering with a cloud vendor!  The only question you have now is which cloud vendor should you partner with.  I can get you started by recommending Itopia! Get started by checking out their website and requesting a demo today.


David Walter

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