How Important is Being Prepared for Cloud Services Marketing?

36675373_sRecently an episode of The Profit caused me to start thinking about the importance of being prepared.

This subject resonated with me because I have always winged important meetings and this is also a bad habit many computer consultants have as well.

Therefore, I believe it’s important to question how being prepared could help cloud services providers improve their marketing.



My Story

During the show I witnessed Marcus Lemonis scold one of the entrepreneurs he had invested in because the owner failed to prepare for a company meeting.  Instead of taking charge of the meeting he was merely flying by the seat of his pants by asking his staff to list what they should discuss.  Marcus specifically told the pet store owner that he should’ve prepared for the meeting with his employees by having an agenda.

I just happened to have a critical meeting coming up with one of my clients where I would need to resolve some thorny issues and then ask for an advance of funds that was outside of our agreement.  I decided to heed Marcus’s advice and spent two solid days anticipating all the issues that might get raised in the upcoming discussion along with what my customers might say.  After outlining all the majors points and delineating several possible solutions, I then converted all the data into a presentation along with an agenda.

I can share with you what happened because not only was I able to resolve all the issues in an amicable manner; but more importantly I was able to secure the advance funding.  The most exciting fact was that my client stated that the primary reason he decided to advance the funds was largely because I had impressed him with my amazing amount of preparation.

The Application 

When I think back on all my years of training managed services providers and cloud services companies the most glaring error that stands out is the lackadaisical attitude that most owners and salespeople have towards sales and marketing preparation..  I have personally given carefully scripted cloud computing sales presentation to sales people who couldn’t correctly articulate them even when given plenty of time to prepare.  Furthermore, I have heard some computer business owners actually make jokes about not being prepared or not having a presentation.

This is when I realized that if you do your research and are fully prepared to answer almost an question that’s thrown your way in a discussion can be the single most important contributing factor to winning.  Essentially the fact that your overwhelmingly prepared can wear down your opponent and cause them to relent to your demands.  Therefore, I think it’s important for many of the individuals in charge of IT sales leads and IT marketing for your cloud services to make a personal examination of their own level of preparation.

Make a Personal Examination

If you’re a computer business owner then you should examine how much time you or your team spends preparing and whether you have considered who your audience is going to be along with the issues they will bring up.  Finally, it’s important to consider if you have laid out a presentation that will hit all the prospect’s major concerns, can you deliver it flawlessly, will it give your audience advance notice of what’s being discussed and does it provide them with something written that they can follow along with?  Hopefully you will also make heavy use of pictures in your presentation!


If your sales team can take Marcus lemonis’s message to heat, like I did, by overhauling their negative attitude towards preparation by eliminate the arrogant habit of flying by the seat of their pants.  When your sales people are conducting fully prepared cloud computing presentation your organization should experience a dramatic increase in sales.  Just remember that if your sales people are overwhelmingly prepared then their prospect’s objection will melt away just like my client’s did because of my massive preparation.

Finally, remember the Boys Scouts motto, “Be Prepared”!

David Walter

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