Does Your MSP Utilize Internal and External Marketing?

Over the years I18765478_s have seen many MSP firms that employ internal marketing by hiring salesmen, telemarketers and conducting direct mail campaigns.

For the most part this leads to slow growth but does build momentum over time.

However, to grow and scale up much faster in multiple markets it’s imperative that IT providers begin to engage in external marketing efforts.

But what exactly is external marketing and why is it so critical?

What is External Marketing?

Very simply it is expanding your managed services business by buying out other IT companies that are already a profitable concern.

This is the technique that can dramatically expand any computer business in a short amount of time but has been elusive to the vast majority of technology providers.

Many are simply naysayers and skeptics that don’t believe that external marketing really works and the rest simply don’t have the resource to implement such an aggressive marketing strategy.

A Good Example

I was able to see the results of a tech company that laid the strategy of an aggressive internal and external marketing in the Austin area with a company called White Glove Technologies.

I had a chance to meet the brains behind that enterprise, Cary Blazer, when he visited our offices to try and entice us to do their telemarketing.

Of course, while I hold out his company as a good example of internal and external marketing I didn’t agree with his striped down managed services model that didn’t offer a flat fee for onsite support.

During the time that I watched his firm he was able to purchase another Austin IT firm and then he expanded to San Antonio through another purchase and later he moved into Dallas and Houston.

However, all the while he was snapping up one MSP after another he was hiring aggressive salespeople, conducing telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. In other words he was extremely successful at both internal and external marketing and was eventual bought out himself by a much larger managed services provider named Mind shift; which also employs both internal and external marketing.

The Bottom Line

Any IT company that wants to grow balls to the walls and expand dramatically is going to have to go down the same path as outlined above and go ‘all in’ with their own internal and external marketing plan.

The good news is that Ben Benson Author of the Seven Laws of Wealth says that today there is more VC money chasing fewer qualified deals than ever before and that all you have to do is get out there and try to meet a qualified investor every day.

If you want to get into the real game of explosive IT growth then get out there and start rubbing elbows with potential investors so you can get funded. Then you can go on your own MSP business buying spree just like White Glove Technology and Mind Sift.