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Spend Big on Marketing IT or Sell, It’s Your Move!

11084201_sOver the years I have been told that the cost of marketing IT has just been to costly.

However, the truth is that in today business environment the money required for customers acquisition has just skyrocketed.

Why has this brutal reality forced many computer businesses to evaluate if they should just sell?

The Chance Meeting

I was  at a chamber of commerce networking even in Austin when I happened to run into and old computer consultant contact.

I was shocked when he introduced his company and it was not the name of the business he had owned and operated for many years but rather the name of a large managed services firm based in Houston.

After talking with this consultant I found out he had sold his business and was now working for the outfit in Houston.

The Marketing Issue Gets Revealed

I had discussed taking care of his IT lead generation several times over the years and the issue had always been our expensive marketing cost.

This in fact is a fairly routine conversation to have with a small IT service provider that often desperately want to expand their customer base but  just don’t have the budget.

I think this is one reason so many of these companies have called in trying to convince me to give them IT sales leads without charging and just work on commission.

The Rising Cost

The truth is that now just hiring a cold calling team to set appointment for you is just a fraction of what needs to be done to convince new prospect to switch IT providers.

The reality is, that I have said for years and now have proved, you have to literally surge and overwhelm prospects over time with internet marketing, telemarketing, gifts, events, newsletters, mail outs etc…

When you sit down and add up all the cost to truly conduct the Ultimate IT Marketing System it’s going to run over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Horns Of Dilemma

When the average computer consultant finally comprehends the extent they will have to go and the staggering cost to increase their market share they will be faced with a two choices.

They will have to borrow money or find an investor that can pump in the needing funding to conduct a marathon marketing campaign that can truly land massive ROI.

Or do what many small solutions providers are doing and sell to one of the behemoth managed services firm currently on a binge buying companies all over the country.