Lessons From Golf Can Impact MSP Marketing?

11313198_sThe other day I was in a book store when a book in the golf section caught my eye because it dealt with the mental aspect of the game.

I wondered how the author would address the mental components of golf; but at the same time I started forming some opinions as to what those brilliant points might be.

As I opened the book I had a powerful feeling these points would some how have an impact on IT marketing and I found two powerful lessons that do in fact cross over, so keep reading to find out what they are?

Trust Your Swing

As I flipped through the book the words, “trust your swing” seemed to jump off the page and connect with me immediately.  This point applies to golf in the sense that what ever practice you’ve had leading up to an actual golf game you should trust while your playing.

You shouldn’t try to re-engineer your swing during actual play and this also applies to marketing for IT services in a dramatic way.

If you’re making IT cold calls or even selling managed services in a prospects office it can be very tempting to constantly alter your pitch every time you hear a new objection.

Trusting your swing means that you should go with what you know in the moments that count, whether your on the greens or trying to make some green, not pulling a new technique out of your hat on the spur-of-the-moment.

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

The second thought from the book that resonated with me was the idea that you should leave your frustrations with a bad hole at that hole and not carry those negative thoughts with you to the next hole.

This was the idea that I have been trying to convey to IT telemarketing agents who experience a bad call and then carry that negative energy with them on the rest of their contacts for the day.

The truth is that what happened at the last hole should say at that hole and what happened on the last marketing call should also stay there.

The key is to allow your self to make a modest release of that anger and for a golfer this might mean throwing your clubs in the bag a little bit harder than normal.

Sales people can perhaps hang the phone up slightly harder or just take a moment and mentally release the anger but tell yourself that the next call will be different or there is always the next ‘hole’.


Who would have guessed that mental lessons from golf would have an impact on IT sales leads.

If you can mentally trust your pitch during the sales process and leave the bad vibes on negative calls there then you will always reach a higher level of success

You just never know where the next amazing idea is going to come from so always keep you radar up and stay open minded!