IT Appointment Setting by Cold Calling is a Stone Age Tool!

24226824_sI am still getting calls from computer consultants that are asking for IT appointment setting to be done with a cold calling strategy.

For the most part I think that the average MSP is still trying get sales leads by dialing for dollars and surprising their prospect with an unexpected call.

I want to challenge this concept and compare it to using a Stone Age tool until I can get people to stop using this antiquated technique, see how!

Dealing with the Dregs of Society

I have always felt that getting IT leads with a cold calling strategy was a paradox.

This is because on one hand you have an extremely difficult job trying get through to business professionals that don’t want to talk with you and set up gate keepers to keep you away; but on the other hand the pay for this job is substandard.

What really makes this task even more daunting is that the actual skill set required to successfully navigate this brutal and often demeaning job is that of an experienced salesman that is able to speak with executives on their level and close.

Unfortunately, these job post are usually answered by the dregs of society that are trying to avoid child support, exec cons or people who just haven’t been successful at anything else.

Of course, every once in a while you can make a decent quality hire but because it’s such a hated job category those employees won’t last because they will bounce as soon as they find a better job. Essentially you’re going to be faced with a massive revolving door.

This really doesn’t matter if you are trying to set up your own call center or plan on outsourcing because everybody in this category is facing the same challenges.

The Frustration of Canceled Meetings

Now that you rolling with your appointment setting you’re going to face prospect telling you that they never spoke with anyone at your call center and never set up a meeting.

Of course, many times the short sighted people that you’re dealing with do just make up fake appointments out of whole cloth. These bogus appointments represent an enormous problem because it waste the time of the valuable time of the salesperson.

However, I can attest that after setting up call recording and actually reviewing the tapes discovered that prospects who agreed legitimately to set up a meetings would actually lie and tell sales people they never set an appointment.

Of course, trying to sort out this dilemma can literally drive sales managers crazy and send you blood pressure so high you might end up in an early grave…


If this short blog hasn’t scared you witless and sent you running for the hills away from the idea of cold calling then I have done my job.

However, I am sure that many arrogant consultants will feel that cold calling hasn’t really been done right until they do it themselves.

So stay tuned as I will continue to hammer the idea of cold calling until everyone starts chanting the mantra that, “Cold Calling is Dead!”