Getting IT Sales Leads Is So Easy a Monkey Can Do It!

monkey_sLet’s be honest and say that the average IT services provider has a hard time with sales an marketing.

Of course, many admit they faced a serious challenge trying to close sales but by far the most enigmatic and frustrating part is trying to generate IT sales leads.

However, what if I were to tell you that our secret process for telemarketing was so easy a monkey could do it and get results that would exceed your wildest imagination.  Read More!


The Challenge

Telemarketing has been the technique most computer consultants have tried and failed at because getting results from cold calling is simply one of the most difficult task you can ever image in the marketing game.

This has been a quagmire that consultants step in and simple can’t extricate themselves from because of two main reasons first no one wants to work as a telemarketer and virtually every business hates getting telemarketing calls.

Of course, one of the primary reasons why the most qualified candidate’s don’t want to work as cold callers is because the pay is laughable when you consider the high pressure they will be under to produce results.

In reality the skills sets required to set appointment successfully are nearly the same as those of an outside sales rep but a fraction of the pay.

These are the fundamental reason why telemarketing is so difficult; no matter if you do it in-house or outsource anywhere else in the US or the world!

The Solution

I can speak with authority as someone who as been in the telemarketing business for managed services providers and cloud services providers for over 14 years.

It was a constant struggle trying to recruit telemarketing representatives in the first place and then actually training them to aggressively get appointments was nearly impossible.

This is why I have been trying to find a new method that could turn the whole process of getting IT leads upside-down.  In other words make the process so simple and easy anyone could do it, even a monkey.

I can say now after using my secret marketing system for over 3 years that it has proven to work like magic.

These telemarketing calls are so are easy to make that almost anyone reading the simple script can secure up to 15 or more appointments is as little as 3 days!!!!

Let me tell you that the callers will not faced many objections and most of the contacts will be excited to hear from you and even anticipating your call.

Another exciting fact is that 99% of the leads generated with this secret system hold or keep their appointment and this means no wasted time and that the prospects are serious.


If generating good qualified IT sales leads continues to be a challenge for your organization then you should remember that doing the same marketing over and over again and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.

Now is the time to open your mind and realize that in almost every endeavor of mankind some dedicated person has always been able to find a new way to do it better.

I am finally prepared to reveal our secret IT marketing formula; but I can’t say how long I will stay in the mood.

So, if you want to fill up your calendar with amazing sales leads in 2015 using a proven system, that’s so easy a monkey could do it, then you better give us a call ASAP!