MSP Marketing Training Should Be Simple!

Simple_sThe conventional thinking of those selling MSP marketing training has been to overwhelm their users with more information than they could really ever use.

Many of the managed services providers buying MSP sales training have adopted this belief and expect training materials to be overloaded with materials.

However, is it possible that conventional thinking on training actually runs counterintuitive to truth?

Perceived Value

I first saw the explanation behind perceived value from Marcus Lemonis on his show, “The Profit”, where he showed how a product was package could allow the vendor to charge more; even though there was no increase in the goods in the package.

In this show the product happened to be popcorn that was normally wrapped in a clear bag.  However, Marcus showed the audience how it looked like there was more popcorn when it was packaged in a tin.

This is the concept that many MSP marketing training promoters are counting on by flooding you with lot’s of content so that the program look like it has greater perceived value.

In fact, this is exactly what the former president of MSPU told me when giving me advice on putting together my own IT telemarketing training program.  He actually told me that putting up more videos and articles than their users could ever watch in a lifetime gives their offer more perceived value.

The reality was that many of their monthly subscribers paid their monthly dues but never watched any of the content…

True Value

The truth is that the benefit of a sales training programs should be measured by what a computer business is actually able to implement in a very short time frame.

Getting powerful information in a simple format that’s easy to digest  and can be reviewed over and over again is far better than constantly trying to keep up with a blizzard of articles or videos that keep coming at you like a tidal wave.

The developers of the training programs that subscribe to this ‘stuffing’ concept should instead spend more time distilling their ideas down to their simplest form so that there is far less information in the sales and marketing kits.


Of course, before that can happen we need the consumers to change how they view the actual value of any of the IT marketing training programs they may purchase.

Instead of buying a MSP training program that has been stuffed full of fluff content to make it seem like it has more value, why not listen to the sage advice that says less is more.

After all, think about the sage expression that says, “The best ideas should fit on the back of a business card”.