Stop Looking for IT Sales Leads and Just Buy Sales!

26468017_sIf the typical computer consultant were a real estate investor then the type of deals they would excel at flipping would be the properties in perfect condition that came at a distressed price.

Of course, these perfect real estate deals are just as hard to find as IT prospects that have existing pain and are ready to make a switch.

Many managed services providers turn to buying IT sales leads and try their hand at selling cold opportunities.  However, this would be like trying to flip a dilapidated old home that needs a lot of improvements; but are they up to the challenge?


Avoid Delusional Thinking

One of the first things I usually hear from a computer consultant, that has called in to find out more about our IT lead generation service, is that all they need is more appointments because they are great at selling.

However, this is because they are use to selling leads that are simply lay ups or as I like to say order taking.  This means the few sales they are making come from prospects that been given a good reference and have immediate pain points and are ready to switch.

Selling these type of leads does not give anyone the right to call themselves a great salesman!

This overconfidence can get these IT providers in trouble when they decide they can start selling cold opportunities from an it appointment setting campaign.  As I said in my real estate comparison, this is like trying to flip homes that need a lot of repair but is the average computer consultant up to that challenge?

In Over their Heads

I remember one situation where an over confident managed services provider believed he was a great salesman and didn’t head any of my advice.  I accompanied him to the sales meetings we had setup from our it marketing campaign and at the very first appointment our cocky IT provider lost his cool!

You see the prospect we meet with was the decision maker and had over 30 users on his network but he was not in any pain and had not sought a referral.  During the meeting the prospect went into detail about how happy he was with his current IT consultant.

After hearing several stories from the prospect about how much he loved his current IT guy, this self assured sales person threw his arms in the air in a very dramatic fashion and then looked over at me and ask, “Why Are We Hear”?

The Analysis

You see the character in this story had successfully built his business through M & A’s along with referrals and internet leads.  These successful ventures left him with the self image that he was indeed a great salesperson.  However, as I alluded to earlier these type of leads are extremely easy to sell or ‘flip’ because they don’t  require any sales acumen!

The reality is that prospects who are ‘happy with what they have’ will require a lot more work to build rapport with and overcome the fact that they like their current IT person.

Therefore, it’s important that computer consultants realize their limitations or as a real-estate investor that has only had experience flipping houses that didn’t need work not assume that they have become super builders overnight that can now remodel homes in a single bound.


Instead of running out to sell your IT sales leads yourself under the false impression that you’re a great salesperson, why not look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about your true strengths and weaknesses.  You can only solve a problem when you have admitted to yourself that you really have a problem and then and only then will you be open to finding a solution.

In this case, MSP knowledge now provides a 14 year veteran cloud salesman who will travel to your city and close the sales we set up in our telemarketing campaign.

This way you don’t have to try flipping those fixer upper sales leads yourself instead you can use our experienced salesman/ remodeler who can make all your projects successful!