Consultants Must Face Brutal Facts About Selling Cloud Computing!

wheel cloudDramatic change is always difficult to make but even more so in a business environment.

I recently read the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins and his research sheds a lot of light on the attitude a great leader should have when faced with a changing business climate.

I believe this information should have a critical impact how managed services providers should look at selling cloud computing, read more!


 Great Leaders Embrace Change

In this book Jim Collins consistently pairs two companies together that have a similar history and shows how they each face different challenges; one always raises to greatness while the other either remains average or fails.  In this way he has been able to distill the counterintuitive characteristics that cause good leaders to rise to greatness.

Of course, one of the obstacles faced by a pair of good companies was the unchangeable fact that their industry was undergoing a metamorphosis.  In this case both companies had a glimpse, based on real market data, that these changes were absolutely unavoidable.  However, the average company ignored the truth while the great companies always faced these facts and made drastic sacrifices to reposition their business model and then rose strait to the top.

Face the Brutal Facts

The fact is that the IT market is saturated with companies already offering the managed services model and there are hundreds of new companies jumping on the managed services bandwagon every year.  Meanwhile most businesses in the markets where I have conducted telemarketing campaigns are already in a managed services agreement and the ones that are not either have an internal IT department or just decided against paying a flat fee every month on general principals.

With that picture of the market in mind now consider that there are a select number of computer businesses that have already converted their entire business model to selling cloud computing.  These companies are quietly signing up hundreds of firms in their markets on cloud services, check out this research on Gartner!  The key to understanding the importance of the cloud revolution is realizing that this seismic shift is happening right now!


Therefore, just like the examples in Jim Collins book, computer services providers are now faced with a choice.  They can face the brutal fact about the cloud revolution happening right now and change their business model or simply stick their heads in the sand and ignore the reality of what’s happening.  Make the right choice and don’t allow your technology firm to be surpassed and become obsolete like Blockbuster.

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