Hiring Salespeople For Marketing IT Services Is Difficult!

The vast majority of the small to medium sized managed services providers have yet to recruit the key staff member that could accelerate their marketing IT growth.

A super sales closer is the elusive position that these computer consultants have difficulty staffing.

Since this position is so critical what obstacles are preventing them for hiring the perfect salesman?

The Dilemma

Recently I called over 50 different computer consultants around the country to find out if they were hiring and found many that had been searching for a salesman along with others that said they realized the need for a salesman.

During my research I only found a very small number of MSP’s that already had a great IT sales person on board or had decided they never wanted to hire a salesman.

The one main stumbling block that was preventing the companies that were already looking for a super salesman or realized they needed one was the fact that they didn’t have enough money to pay a decent salary for at least the first few months to get a new hire over the 3 to 6 months sales cycle.

Limited Supply

What compounds this problem is the fact that for every person who claims to be a salesperson most are only ‘order takers’ or worst have no clue how to sale at all.

This means that there is only an extremely small number of experienced prospects in the job market at any given time and most of these know their value and will require a decent salary so they can pay their bills until the commissions start rolling in.

I did find some forward thinking technology firms that knew they needed to offer a salary to attract a top sales people but didn’t realize what the real cost of living was in their market place.

Some of these companies had been searching for a sales person for over a year!


There is really a golden opportunity for the few managed services firm that understand the larger upfront acquisition cost to gain new clients and would willing to step up and pay a decent salary for a sales people.

I found that many of the nationwide IT companies understood these facts and were diligently searching for tops sales talent, plus they were willing to offer a great salary along with a competitive bonus and commissions.

This means that the larger nation wide firms will continue to grow through M & A activities, but they also have enough venture capital to buy up all the best sales people to fuel direct sales growth.


Ultimately if the smaller regional companies don’t act soon to raise the level of their recruiting game to attract top sales talent, they will soon find a total vacuum of talent!

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