Track Your IT Sales Leads Like They Are Prey

When you go hunting for prey the best way to track them is to learn all about what you are hunting.

When you learn all their habits then it will be easy to track them down and make the Kill!

This is the same tactic that an MSP should employ to close more IT sales leads.


The Watering Hole

When you begin studying the behavior of your prey one of the first things you will consider is where they like to travel to get water.

This is where you lie and wait for your target at the place where you know they will eventually come for water.

The American Indians were brilliant at understanding the Buffalo’s habits as many of the tribes follow the herds around from migrations all over the wild countryside.

Where ever the buffaloes went the Indians would pick up everything and move to track them.

The Modern Day Example

If you can make the connection between prey and IT sales leads then you should start to get the picture that prospects should be studied to see their habits.

The questions you should be asking is what professional magazines they read, which trade shows they attend, which ones they sponsor and what radio stations do the executives listen too.

The way you use this information is to advertise in any of the trade shows or trade journals that you discover through your research that many of your vertical prospects attend.

These are just a few of the questions that should be analyzed so you can understand their behavior so that you lie and wait to make the killer sale.


Once you start tracking down your IT sales leads like the Indians that follow the buffaloe heards, then you will always have a steady supply of ‘kill’ to keep your MSP business growing into 2013!