The ‘Take Away’ Could Be The Best IT Marketing Trick!

We recently blogged about how Coca Cola blundered into one of their best marketing techniques when they took Classic Coke off the market.

People who hadn’t bought a Coke in decades rose up in anger and demanded that Coke be put back on the shelves.

Learn how this mistaken ‘take away’ might be one of the best IT marketing tricks to grow your business in 2013!



The ‘Take Away’

The rest of the story with the Coke debacle was that after they did away with new coke and brought back Classic Coke their business took off worldwide.

In an interview the executives claimed they never planned the incident but if they had then they would be geniuses.

Now the same thing is happening with Hostess because when consumers, who had been cutting back on sweets over the years, heard about the demise of the Twinkie they suddenly rushed back in a panic to buy more and emptied the shelves.

Most likely Hostess will get a new buyer and the business will boom again after the ‘take away’ spurred interest again.

McDonalds has now been making systematic use of the ‘take away’ with their McRibs as they bring them back and take them away every year.

When the McRibs are advertised to be coming back the consumers flock back to get theirs before they’re taken away again.

The Takeaway

Since this concept works so well, why not be the marketing genius that figures out how to successfully implement a ‘take away’ for the managed services industry.

Hum, what services do you have or could you offer that would be loved so much that when you suddenly take it away it will be craved.

One of the keys to accomplishing the ‘take away’ is making sure a huge portion of your customers and prospects are aware of the service you’re going to roll out and then suddenly take away.

One idea would be a special price or additional service that is included for a time and then taken away.

Just brain storm with your marketing team to see what other ideas you can come up with that might make a good ‘take away’ offer for your IT marketing services.