Get The Right Bait When Blogging For IT Leads!

Out of all the articles I have written and posted on LinkedIn the ones that have gotten the most comments were about IT and not marketing.

This is because technology is the topic most computer consultants are interested in talking about.

The problem is that most of the syndicated blogs are also talking about technical details when this is not what interests their IT leads.


Pick Your Lure Carefully

When you go fishing you need to pick the lure that will appeal to your prey in order to get them to bite.

In other words when you are writing an article the very first thing you have to consider is your audience so you can consider what might interest them.

One of the best examples of a speaker who took the time to examine his audience and speak about things that interested them was Jesus Christ.

Jesus spoke about spiritual things but he used farming and fishing examples so that his audience could relate.

What Are IT Prospects Interested In?

When syndicated blogs spit out articles about the latest windows update or how to debug some technical issues these articles will fall on deaf ears.

Most decision makers like the CFO or VP are fairly ignorant of technical details except for the IT director.

This means that if your blogs are focused on technology issues then they will most likely appeal only to IT directors.

This is the one person in the organization that the average computer consultant wants to avoid like the plague.

The Solutions

What are the average businesses interested in if it’s not technology?

Very simple, they are interested in things like growing their business, increasing productivity, gaining a better understanding of their financials, lowering their taxes, going green etc…

There are hundreds of issues that interest the average small business owners, so the key is to weave the technology speak into how it impacts some of the issues that decisions makers care about.


If you follow this advice you will greatly increase the readers of your blogs since you will be discussing issues that are closer to their hearts.

Also you will be able to gain the reputation of being an authority on the Internet and social networks much quicker; which will translate into more IT leads generated by your blogs.