Closing IT Sales Leads Takes A Tortoise, Not A Hare!

Last week a computer consultant notified us they made over $1,000,000.00 from one of our IT sales leads.

The ironic thing was that this sale happened one year from the date we completed their IT telemarketing campaign.

This illustrates how the long sales cycle requires a tortoise, not a hare to be successful!


Instant Gratification

Most of the computer consultants that I come across are looking to make IT sales immediately after we finish their telemarketing campaign.

This does not come as a big surprise to me since we live in a society that is based on instant gratification.

The fact that the sales cycle can take anywhere from six months to a year has been documented in so many places all over the industry that is does surprise me how many believe they can defy the odds.

The problem with having false expectations is that it can demoralize you just when it’s time to dig your heels in for the long haul.

Most managed services providers act more like the Hare and take a long sales break to see if any of their sales leads close sooner than six months or one year.

The Race Is Lost

Not being prepared for the long sales cycle ends up costing most IT providers the race…

The other major problem is all the missed opportunities that MSP pass on when they pull the plug on their marketing while they wait for sales to close.

If the facts are that there is a sales cycle then embrace it for God’s sake and do not fight against it because it’s like trying to fight against gravity.

Instead have faith and be more like the tortoise who never stopped to take any breaks but just stayed the course; no matter how slow it seemed he was going.


If you’re plotting the direction of your IT marketing campaigns for 2013 then please take these facts in serious consideration.

You must plan and budget to continue your sales efforts for at least 3 to 6 months or if possible an entire year.

Don’t forget to turn to vendors and look for any co-marketing dollars they may be able to assist you with because if you’re able to stay the course then you could have a $1,000,000.00 Dollar pay day in your future too!