Why Should Blogging Be A Tool In Your IT Sales Bag?

When it comes to Internet marketing your computer business, the primary engine that can drive you straight to the top of the search rankings is blogging.

Once you’re top ranked on multiple targeted keywords you will start to generate sales leads from your website that you can then convert into IT Sales.

Why is article writing so critical to your IT marketing success on the web?


How I Learned About Blogging

I had been trying to get leads from the internet with organic marketing for nearly 6 years with very little success to show for all my effort.

However, the light at the end of my tunnel appeared a few years ago when someone new moved into my social circle.

A young man moved to our area from California and he was very successful but more importantly he rarely ever worked as he used much of his time for volunteer work.

There was a lot of gossip flying around that he made his money on the Internet with website marketing but no one new any specifics.

One afternoon I was finally assigned to work with this gentleman on a volunteering project and it was then that I took my chance to inquire about his line of work.

He was a very guarded individual and was pretty tight lipped about revealing any of his Internet marketing secrets except for when he uttered one singular word that changed my life, “Blog”

My Blogging Journey

Of course, I already knew about the existence of the blogging phenomenon but had never connected that this would get a website top ranked on Google.

I had largely discounted the blog as a tool that could be of any use to me over the last 6 years of my feeble internet marketing attempts.

However, seeing this sterling example of someone that could contribute their success to blogging was nearly all that it took for me to finally drink the Kool-Aid and begin blogging in earnest.

There was only one other thing I had to do to begin my article writing journey and that was to wrap my brain around why article writing was so important.

After all when you start blogging it’s largely an act of faith that all your labor will pay off some day in the next year or two.

Why Blogging Matters To Google

What I am about to say is largely based on conjecture and there are very little facts that support this but when I looked at this theory it was enough to convince me and allow me to start blogging hundreds of articles.

First I looked at Google as nothing more than a modern day newspaper that sells advertising.

The only problem is that Google doesn’t employ any writers to develop any content for this “newspaper”.

No human would ever pick up to read a newspaper that was full of advertisements and that had absolutely no content.

It was then that I realized why article writing was so critical to success with SEO and that is because the blogger is the one who is providing all the content for Google.

As long as you provide original and helpful information that people like to read then Google will promote your website since you will be the ‘writer’ providing the content that allows them to sell ads!

Of course, article writing is a little bit more complicated than that but not by much!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing for computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!