Which Trade Shows Should MSPs Attend To Get IT Leads?

I attend a lot of trade shows for MSPs and see tons of computer consultants that regularly attend these shows all over the country.

These companies should be commended for their commitment to keeping up with the managed services industry.

However, which trade shows should they really be attending to get IT leads?

Vendor Trade Shows

My hat is off the successful trade shows that are able to get hundreds or even thousands of managed services providers to attend.

The vendors that show up know all too well that they must focus on this vertical and sponsor so they can maximize their brand recognition while getting plenty of fresh sales leads in the process.

When I see these loyal IT pros attending these shows over and over again I wonder if they realize that there could be other trade shows that they should be attending that could be even more important to their bottom line.

Prospects Trade Shows

Many of the MSPs that I speak with every day are savvy that they should be targeting a certain vertical with their IT marketing.

However, most are either not aware or haven’t see the importance that each and every one of these verticals also has their own trade shows.

Finding these trade shows and sponsoring them could be even more valuable because they could be branding themselves to this market and getting oodles of IT leads themselves.

I ran into folks over at The Aldridge Company on the way to an MSP trade show and after talking about this subject they told me that they have a vertical market with Zoo’s and attend a Zoological trade show every year.

I was extremely impressed with their creative marketing and ask them to keep me informed of their success.


Several weeks later I spoke with Bryan Gregory who is the VP of The Aldridge Company and he told me that the event at the Zoological trade show had been a success!

Now the take away from this article should be two fold, first if you don’t have a vertical market then you should start working on that ASAP.

Second once you have two or three clients in the same vertical then it’s time to begin searching out the trade shows that these types of companies attend and sponsor them.

In our upcoming article we will share some tips on how to effectively get IT leads from your booth at these trade shows!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing for computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!