What Can A Disney Character Teach Us About IT Marketing?

I was recently watching TV with my 3 year old and was amazed to see one of the best sales presentations performed by a Disney Character.

The Movie was the Lady and the Trap and in this scene the two were trying to get the muzzle off Lady, and Tramp had to put on the old razzle dazzle.

There are several takeaways that can teach managed services providers about IT marketing.



As you watch the video clip, I linked to in the teaser; notice that the very first hurdle the Tramp had to overcome was getting the beaver’s attention.

Of course, this was no small task as the beaver was indeed busy working on his all-important project; which no doubt most of the prospects you come across are doing as well.

First Tramp attempts the ultra-polite way off getting the beavers attention by saying, “This will only take a second of your time”.

However this is rebuffed as the beaver explains how precious each and every second of time he is wasting is to him.

Finally after Tramp observes a hidden need he resorts to yelling that specific benefit until he finally breaks through the wall.

Whether you are conducting IT telemarketing or making a sales presentation you must get the prospects attention before you can ever get them to see any of your benefits.


Now that Tramp had the beaver’s attention he had to get his interest to seal the deal and get Lady out of her predicament.

This is when Tramp turned up the charm and begins  extolling the virtues of the ‘log puller’ by even referring to specific amounts of time that could be saved with its use.

He even had his beautiful assistant model the device for the eager beaver so as to get him drooling and whip up his interest!

Of course, nothing works better than a demonstration and this is exactly what was offered to the beaver to get him to literally ‘bite’ into their offer.


The most effective sales tool on the planet was employed by the Tramp to get him to take that amazing limited time offer.

You get the product in the hands of the buyer and assume the sale!

I have been around the IT sales game for many years but I have never seen a better tool to get a buyer to take Action than by assuming the sale.

Assuming makes a jerk of you and me in every aspect of life except one, sales.


I guess the reason all the ladies in the dog pound sing songs about the Tramp is because he is the Mac Daddy of all the salesman because he knows how to get a prospect’s attention, build interest and get them to take action!

In this case Tramp had to have a burning desire and lots of persistence to make the sale happen as well!

If you want to launch your sales career into the stratosphere then watch this clip and remember those three key IT marketing takeaways.