Our IT Sales Mail Out Has A Strange Effect On Prospects!

Normally when you make IT telemarketing calls to promote your managed services offering you will find prospects with their guard up.

They will say the complete opposite of the truth and put up a wall that’s tough to penetrate.

However, when we follow up after sending our secret IT sales mailer we are getting total self-disclosure!


Miss Information

With cold calling it’s typical to find that the contacts you speak with will feed you the wrong information to sabotage your IT marketing presentation.

One of the easiest ways to throw off a presentation is for the prospect to lie about how they currently handle their computer support.

If they really have an IT in-house then they will say that they really have outsourced it or even vice versus.

This deception can make it extremely difficult to recover from because if your sales pitch is aimed at making the internal IT guy more efficient then this message will fall on deaf ears if they really have an outsourced provider.

In this case your message would completely miss the target!

The Wall

Of course, the worst case is when the suspect just pleads the Fifth Amendment and refuses to answer any questions.

This stone wall approach makes it impossible to gain any sales ground by learning about their computer support situation.

It also means that building any type of rapport is completely out of the realm of possibility.

This leads us to wonder if there is a better way to illicit the true facts before trying to persuade any It sales leads.

The Magic Pill

We have been about the flip the script on this sales obstacle by sending out our top secret mailer which makes an amazing impression on prospects which also builds instant rapport along with creating reciprocity.

In fact once we follow up on someone that we have sent our amazing direct mail piece to, they almost act like they are on the psychologist coach.

Then they are warmed up and ready to divulge exactly what their system is like and how they are set up…

If there is good reason why it might not be worth taking their time to meet with us then they will tell the truth about this.

Also if there are good opportunities where it might be worth getting a proposal or bid then this almost always comes bubbling to the surface of the conversation.