IT Clients Have to Pick Their Poision With Exchange!

If you are a computer consultant then you know that most of your customers use Microsoft Exchange for their email.

Many larger customers prefer to have their exchange on their own servers in-house to save money.

However, you should tell your clients and potential IT sales that they should pick their poison with Exchange options! Whilst many of your clients will benefit some tend to only see the short term. Be sure to make them aware of the following considerations before diving in.



It’s Not So Obvious

The average business looks at IT issues with their short term glasses on when it comes to deciding whether to have Microsoft Exchange on their own servers or to go with a hosted Exchange service.

When they have the funds to pay for the upfront cost on the server, software and installation then it seems like a no brainier to avoid paying a monthly fee every month for each employee that has access to the exchange.

However, as usual, the total cost of having an exchange is never truly counted.

Count the Cost

The truth is that Exchange is extremely complicated and prone to technical issues when managed by inexperienced internal IT staff or even outside computer consultants. To try and mitigate technical issues such as partial outages a good way is to try Microsoft Exchange monitoring tools to detect this as well as other monitoring features.

However you go about it though, you will have to add room for computer support and other maintenance costs to your budget. This may add to the cost of what looked like a cheaper option.

However, the real cost is the actual downtime if your exchange eventually begins malfunctioning. Again, the monitoring tools may be useful here, but you’ll need some good techy know-it-all when it comes to bringing it back online.

You could be looking at days and even weeks of no access to your emails, profiles, settings etc… That might end up in the total loss of critical clients’ emails.

Of course, this ultimate doomsday scenario can only happen if your clients fail to have adequate backup or even if they fail to test the data they have backed up to ensure it is not corrupt.

Pick Your Poison

While going with a hosted solution does allow SMB’s to avoid large upfront cost the assessment that it can not be quite expensive on a monthly basis is correct.

Therefore, it’s still a bitter pill to swallow if you decide to sign up for the hosted exchange and there is still the ugly truth that you might lose your data if you ever decided to get off the hosted Exchange train.

This should be a minimal risk as long as you communicate with the IT provider that is hosting your Exchange and notify them that you are terminating services.

However, it’s still a risk that should be weighed when deciding which exchange path to take.


In the end I think more and more companies should really give the hosted exchange concept a second look to avoid more heartache down the road.

The key is to compare lots of services and look for a lower monthly cost but not by sacrificing redundancy or security!

This should be a good message that you can go over with your existing managed services clients along with the potential IT sales prospects you get from IT lead generation.


About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing for computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!